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Because of how the field was set up the teams had to be spread quite thin to both take and defend the castles.

As such it was entirely possible that some people may be lost to the monsters.

It’s nearly 4pm, the start of the guild battle.

It will be held for a two hour period.

The referee wearing a guest bracelet blew a whistle.

“Its started.”

The first move is the most important.

It can often be the move that decides who wins and loses.


What will their first move be.

“Everyone left the home base!”

“Its a great move isn’t it, the battle will progress in every direction and they can capture castles quickly.”

“Zephyrus, is it OK not to leave anyone at the home base!”

Hannah was surprised at the move while Ester praised Rana for paying attention.

“Yeah, it’s not a problem.

There is a 20 tile buffer, if you just sent out a few then there is a chance they could become exhausted.

It’s a daring move though.”

It’s usually not until the last minute that the home base gets targeted anyway which is why it’s exciting.

Hannah seemed skeptical of my reaction but she turned back to the show, instead it was Ciara who asked questions.

“Does it make sense for them to work in two man cells”

“Yeah, because there are rules to taking other territory.

Once someone takes a castle they have to run and touch another castle that they own before taking another.

“But why the two man ceー …oh I see.”

Ciara seemed to have guessed in the middle of asking but since the others were listening I continued to explain.

“If you went by yourself you’d have to return to a different tile every time.

But in a two man cell you can alternate.”

One person takes the castle, the other person touches it and you can continue on alternating who actually takes the castle.

Right now both teams seemed to be concentrating on taking the smaller castles.

This could be seen as a good strategy as if your home base is taken you only lose the smaller castles not the larger ones.

Although I’m not sure why the larger castles were being completely ignored, each team was concentrating soly on the small ones.

The white and red tiles spread out in every direction until eventually they met in the middle.

“They met in the middle!”

“Is it a stalemate”

However they aren’t pushing forward from there.

“After a castle is taken the enemy team can’t enter for two minutes.

I forgot to explain that.”

It’s the same rules as touch return in tag.

You can’t turn around and tag the person thst just tagged you.

During the two minutes enemies are actually forced out of the area.

But the two minutes passed during my explanation and the two teams charged forward.

“It turning red and white.”

Areas that are being attacked flash between the colors.

Both teams seemed to be defending and attacking equally.

So far the S rank guild seemed to have the upper hand in points.

To the north there was another fierce battle as the two teams were fighting over a large castle.

The reason they didn’t go for those castles first was probably because they were focused on locking down the enemies movement.

There were castles on both sides but only one castle in-between the two on the north side.

This castle is said to determine the battle.

Because of that both sides had sent 10 of their elite members each so there was a 20 person battle occurring.

“I understand what each team was trying to do now.

In the early stages of the fight the A rank guild seemed to be dominating.


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