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This particular battle is a point based system, if you lower the HP of multiple castles down to 0 you get more points.

However there are monsters and traps set to defend the castles, so they have to either be defeated or avoided while you attack the castle.

The field is divided into sections, sort of like tiles.

A small castle about 2m high is set I each area, if you destroy it then that area will become yours.

You can only attack areas adjacent to your own, if you destroy a castle in an unrelated area you won’t capture that tile and the castle will be instantly replaced instead.

Each smaller castle is worth 10 points, however there is a larger castle worth 2000.

Of course the enemy team can also capture the areas you have.

Once you take the area a new castle is erected that belongs to your team.

If the enemy team destroys that castle they can claim the tile.

Of course you can also leave people behind to defend the areas you have captured.

What happens then is a pvp battle.

Of course the pvp battles is why this arena is so popular.

This time there were 9 large castles placed in the field with smaller castles around them.

This field is designed so that combat will happen all over preventing the audience from getting bored.

Both guilds will be participating with 30 members each.

It’s going to be quite a large battle.

For instance a B rank guild can only have 30 members, so if they participated it would be a full scale war.

Of course there are non combatants in each guild and if they competed they would be at a disadvantage.

Which is why this particular style of battle is only available for A rank or above.

I explained this quite enthusiastically, I thought I was making everyone else excited as I did so too.

“Zephyrus is so excited.”

“Its not bad though.”

“Its probably a boy thing.”

“Yeah, although he’s not bad when he gets hot blooded either.”

But the comments were completely unrelated to the guild battle.

“We’re you not listening to what I said”

“I was listening, I’m just a little disappointed.

Thank you though.”

Ciara turned red and looked away.

It was a cute reaction but, the other girls were red as well.

Leave it to women not to enjoy the finer things in life.

“*cough* sorry, thank you but to be honest I zoned out in the middle.”

“Thank you on behalf of Lady Rana, I will explain it to her later.”

I looked at Hannah.

“Hya, you’re so close.”

“Well…..I’m sitting next to you…”


“Uh, yeah, no….

Thank you for explaining Zephyrus.”

“Uuuh, you’re welcome”

“Its starting, Zephyrus would you mind commentating I know the rules now but I don’t know if I’ll understand everything that’s going on the first time.”

“Sure, leave it to me.”

“I feel like Zephyrus is just sweet on Ciara.”

I don’t think that’s the case, it’s just nice to be relied on by someone who can handle herself.

“Oh, the Guilds came out.”

As the start tune grew closer both guilds appeared.

The base castle is 20 tiles from the center where both teams met before the battle began, it was quite a distance.

Each person from both teams started in the same tile.

“Where both teams are starting is known as the home castle.

You want to protect that castle no matter what.”

The A rank guild starts on the east side with a red castle while the S rank is on the west with a white castle.

“What happens if it’s destroyed”

“You lose.

Well not immediately but all of the larger castles you captured will belong to the enemy.”

“Oh, that sounds like it would be rought.”

“Of course it’s a big deal.

You can turn a loss around immediately.

You can be losing in points, skill, number of castles everything and pull out a win.

When that happens the crowd will go wild, it’s the best.”

“H, huh”

I cleared my throat.

“To prevent this you have to have a team dedicated to defence and one to attack.

Each guild should have excellent members, it’s also a reason why we do.”


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