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“Oh great Cat God, I thank your benevolent kittyness for the drops.

I have brought expensive meats.”

I was praying to the cat doll.

This was the first time the girls dove into the dungeon so we only went through one time.

I’m not sure if it’s beginners luck or what but they got all rare drops in the silver chest.

Either way, I decided to attribute it to the cat doll hanging in our guild hall.

They also got 3 rare fur drops.

“I thank you for your influence and hope for something better next time.”

“Stop being greedy, thank him properly.”

“Its so cute.

But I’m not allowed to pet it am I”

“Yeah Zephyrus said we can’t touch it.”

“Oh come, just a little bit”

Ester and Hannah loved cute things to a ridiculous level, just staring at it.

They at least seem to understand the holiness of the doll.

There were people like Ciara who didn’t understand these things at all.

She walked over and picked it up.


“Its just a stuffed animal.

If you want to touch it then touch it.”

“Can I!”

“Sorry Zephyrus.”

I couldn’t believe it, the sacred doll of his holy kittyness was being played with like it was just a normal doll by 3 high-school girls.

Then, Rana joined in and made it 4! But… I might have been envious of it..


While I was conflicted about feelings I’d never had before my notebook beeped.

From time to time when something serious happens on campus it makes a noise through the information terminal function on it.

It was rare for it to do this so all of us took our own out in confusion.

“Oooh, awesome.”

“Hey don’t just keep it to yourself tell us! ”

“Huh Can’t you read it yourselves”

“I don’t really know how to use it very well.”

Ciara looked away when she said that.

I see, so as someone from the modern world I was accustomed to using a cellphone.

However this device can only be used inside the school so the residents of this world were unfamiliar with it.

“Oh, that’s what it is …….no, wait.”


“I’m wondering if I should go watch.”

“What are you talking about”

“Its a guild battle between an A and an S rank guild.”

It was being held in the arena.

An artificially created dungeon, it was created using an ancient artifact much like the student notebooks.

You can place whatever monsters or traps you want so it’s bound to be a great show.

There were monsters all over for watching it.

A rank guild [Senken Fracal] VS S rank guild [King Absolute].

The battle was beginning at 4pm.

It was the greatest event at that was held at the school.


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