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“Kuh, 《Provocation》”

A koala type monsters had snuck past Ciara’s shield and was heading for Rana behind her.

However it changed direction in response to her skill.

“Ester, defeat then quickly while they’re focusing on Ciara! Don’t let them near the rearguard!”

“On it!”

We were currently on the ninth floor and up to four monsters were appearing at a time.

As the monsters increased the cooperation of the party began to break down more and more.

I took up a position in front of Rana to protect her but I left the actual fighting to Ciara and Ester with Rana providing healing and Buffs.

While they were doing OK with only 2-3 monsters once there were 4 they were able to get past the front line.

As such I began instructing both Ester and Ciara how to work together as tank and attacker.

The accident was caused by Ester not noticing the monster when it went around Ciara.

Although as far as I could see Ciara was an excellent tank.

Rana was still providing Buffs but they didn’t do much and she had yet to use any healing magic.

Although she did seem quite content to be protected by me.

Hannah was wearing the guest bracelet so the monsters weren’t attacking her.

As such she was just wondering around collecting items.

Ciara and Ester eventually defeated all the monster’s and came back over.

“My apologies, lady Ciara.”

“Its fine, everyone makes mistakes at first.

If you listen to Zephyrus I’m sure you’ll stop making those mistakes in the future.”

“Of course, I will devote myself to learning.”

“I don’t really have anything to say…”

Ester already understood how it had happened and was reflecting upon it.

“Alright, all that’s left is the boss.

What do you guys want to do Fight it or practice a bit more”

“…….what do you suggest I’m not feeling very confident right now.”

Ester looked a little anxious, granted she did just make a mistake so.

“I think you can probably take it on.”



“I’m sure even if we weren’t cooperating we could probably do it somehow.”

Rana seemed convinced by what Ciara had said, although she’s not really involved in the fighting.

And to be honest I had to agree… they all wore excellent equipment that was pretty close to my sky series.

I’m a little jealous at the rich girls who parents could afford to buy them such nice things.

As such Ciara was quite confident that even if it was the boss they wouldn’t have an issue.

And she was right, with their equipment it shouldn’t be an issue.

Everyone looked at Ester waiting for her answer.

“You’ll never gain the confidence if you don’t produce any results.

I think you should give it a try.”

“Ester, I think it’s a good idea as well.

Should we give it a shot”

“O-okay if both Lady Ciara and Lady Rana both say so then I won’t object.”

Their first boss battle was about to begin.


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