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It was night time now and everyone had returned from the dungeon.

We were gathered in the guild room now, apparently everyone had passed and they had been diving into the dungeon raising their levels until now.

“I’m level 10! Compliment me.”

Now that they’re all level 10 they can begin challenging the lower tier dungeons tomorrow.

By the way I’ve already complimented Rana several times but she apparently wasn’t satisfied and wanted more.

“Yes yes, congratulations on reaching level 10, you can enter the lower tier dungeons now.”

“Yes, we did it just like you showed us and ended up reaching level 10.”

“Yeah, we just kept going back in several times and eventually we reached level ten.

Why do people think you can only go into a dungeon once a day”

What Sierra said is true, for some reason students here don’t go through the dungeon multiple times a day.

Once they defeat the boss and exit the dungeon they consider themselves to be done for the day.

Thanks to that idea most people are slow to level up in this world.

It’s considered better to train than to go back into the dungeon, which is how the berserker party made it to the lower tier dungeons.

They were most definitely all trained by David…

“You’ll be challenging the lower tier dungeon tomorrow so please prepare yourselves.

If you’re unsure what to prepare I can tell you.”

I’ll also be going, if I tag along they’ll be able to reach the intermediate tier dungeons quickly.

I also can hardly wait for them to catch up.

“Then please advise me.”

“I look forward to hearing your wisdom.”

“Ester just leave it to me! ”

“Rana, if they don’t know you don’t either so come along.

I’ll start from the basics.”

As expected of aristocrats, they have no idea how to dive into a dungeon, especially Rana.

Hannah took out various items to help me explain.

It looks like Hannah is pretty well versed in dungeon tactics as Ciara who was next to her asked her several questions and she was able to provide a sufficient explanation for all of them.

During this I was answering questions and providing demonstrations.

Next to her Rana appeared to be having a hard time remembering it all but she looked more or less determined.

Do your best Rana…

The next day.

Finally we were about to dive into the dungeon as a guild.

All five members gathered at the tropical forest dungeon.

The main focus this time is to raise their levels, we won’t worry to much about the materials because there will be a lot and probably won’t sell well.

If the focus was making money is significantly easier to do so in the intermediate tier dungeons.

“Alright the goal today is to get you three to level 15.”



Hannah, Rana, Ester and Ciara all gave good replies.

Wait why is Hannah replying Isn’t she the highest level here Well, I guess motivation is important either way.

From level 15 they can begin challenging the intermediate tier dungeons.

Although there is the added condition of having to clear all three lower tier dungeons first.

“Alright, here we go!”

We entered the dungeon with me in the lead and Hannah bringing up the rear.

While the others looked around Hannah was holding the scoop we got from Maria.

Since our levels wouldn’t go up today Hannah is in charge of hitting the collection points.

“Dungeons are really odd, it’s almost like another world.”

“Lady Rana, you never know when a monster could attack, it’s better to be prepared.”

“You can relax a bit, you’ll only be attacked once we start moving.

If we just stand here no monsters are going to start coming out.”

“Did you look this up as well”

“No there was no need to look something like that up.

Ciara I’ll teach you where you need to be vigilant.”


Since as the [Shield maiden] Ciara will be taking the lead she’ll need to be constantly on guard for monster attacks and other kinds of traps.

Although in the lower tier dungeons there aren’t any traps.

As we moved forward a [quill] fell from above, Ciara calmly stepped forward with her shield.


After Ciara pulled agro Rana buffed her defense from behind.

“《Guardians blessing》”

We all received the buff and Ester stepped forward as the [quill] bounced off of Ciara’s shield.

“《Long thrust》”

Her thrust pierced the monster and caused it to disappear in a shower of light.

“That felt good didn’t it.”


Although the monster’s aren’t much of a challenge yet.”

Ciara looked unimpressed and Rana also looked a little bored.

“Even though I’m a [saint] I haven’t even done anything yet….

I want to use recovery magic! I mean I’m not telling you to get hurt but…”

I’ll admit technically Ester is the one playing the most active role right now.

“Be patient, this can still be considered practice.

As we go further down more monsters will start to appear.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

I’m pretty sure Rana just wants to be the center of attention.


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