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“[Hero]! We were waiting for you! We waited!”

“Sorry to disturb you.”

“Sorry to disturb you.”

“No, you’re not disturbing us at all! Please you and your attendant make yourselves comfortable.

Sorry that we aren’t able to offer you any tea.”

After waiting for a bit I was greeted by an extremely excited elderly man, behind him researchers in white coats were all lined up.

“Oh yes, pardon my late introduction, I am Miston, I’m the director here at the research tower.”

“Oh, I’mー”

“The first year Zephyrus and this here must be Hannah.

You’ll find that there is no one here who doesn’t know your names.”

No introduction was necessary, although I was a little surprised, was Hannah famous as well

“To be honest the members of the New guild Eden are quite the hot topic right now.

[Hero], [Alchemist], [saint], [princess’ knight], and [shield maiden].”

How do they already have their hands on Esters information She only awakened to her job this morning.

“If it’s true that they possess these jobs I would like the entire guild to be welcomed at this guild.

Zephyrus, would you mind bringing them with you the next time you come by”

“I think that depends on your efforts here.

I’m happy to talk with you but this time is important to us as well.

If you’re unable to produce any results we won’t be able to cooperate with you.”

“That is quite harsh, however it is understandable.

After all the trust of the princess is not free, it must be earned.”

“I’m cooperating with you because its beneficial for me as well.”

“Thank you, Zephyrus you are this research institutes hope! We will make every effort to cooperate with you completely!”

I shook hands with Miston, although to be honest this facility hasn’t achieved very many results to begin with.

Although the main problem seems to be the difference between the game [Dun-life] and the real version.

In the game, us gamers were able to narrow the conditions for each job down as the game only recorded what you did from the time your character was 16.

As such the time frame for the completing the conditions was quite small and easily figured out.

In the real version however the statue seemed to take into account everything that happened in a person’s life up until then.

And since no one really has access to a dragon statue until they turn 16 that leaves a very large amount of time in which someone could have met the requirements for a job to appear.

It seems that the director here has been inviting students with high ranking jobs here for quite a while but because of the time frame taken into account they’ve had very little success.

This, is a problem for me, at the current guild rank I am only able to recruit 10 members.

However once I reach the goal of becoming an S rank guild I will be able to support 50 members in my guild.

Now while I could help people awaken to jobs based off the promise to join me later it’s not very efficient.

It’s much easier to help them get the jobs first then snatch them up later when I have the room.

There for I’m going to provide the research institute here with as many hints as possible and have them distribute the information.

“Alright then, why don’t we start with the requirements for [great swordsman] [great wizard] and [bishop].”

“Oooooh, starting big! However there were also some jobs we haven’t even discovered yet.

May I ask about those later”

“Sure, however make sure you advertise properly.”

“Leave it to us!”

Milton and the other researchers readied notepads and research papers, as soon as I began talking they all began taking notes at an incredible speed.

Hopefully this will help increase the number of high level jobs.

Of course I could always rely on the job change functions but, that’s a pain.


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