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“I think I pretty much understand, thank you I’ll try it out.”

“No problem, I’m glad to have been of use.”

Unlike Rana, Ciara seemed to be worth teaching so I ended up talking quite a bit.

Before I noticed Ester had already finished with Slimepop and Rana was complaining.

“Huh, it’s already my turn But I was still reading!”

Rana hadn’t finished reading yet because she had been trying to derail my conversation.

In other words she was getting what she deserved.

Ester came over while Ciara was reading her own memo.

“Zephyrus, I am now level 6.

Thank you for your help.”

“Don’t worry about it, I want to start diving into the dungeon again as soon as possible so I’ll do my best to support you.”

“Yes, I too am looking forward to diving into the dungeon with you.”

“On that note, you have 11 SP saved up right I’ll teach you my theory about how to become the strongest [princess’ knight].”

“Ok! This is more than I could ask for, please teach me.”

It’s ok to take a bit of a break I guess, it’s kind of fun being a teacher.

“Did you read the memo I gave you yesterday”

“Yes, I was a little surprised at how many goals there was.”

The [princess knight] actually has more than double the skills as [hero].

Had I listed all of the possible routes she could take with the job Ester would have been overwhelmed.

It’s technically possible to get a large variety of skills making the job cable of responding to almost any situation.

But I listed a few for her to choose from.

“Did you choose what direction you wanted to head in”

It’s not possible to restart once you move in a direction so, you have to commit to one at the beginning.

However Ester slowly shook her head.

“I want you to point me in the best direction like you did for lady Rana and Ciara.”

“Was there to many to decide”

“Yes, I’m sorry.

I lack power but I’m unable to make a decision.”

In that case I’ll recommend the route that I think is the strongest.

“Unfortunately all I can do is teach you what goals I recommend since I don’t know what you have an aptitude for.”

“Are the they best goals”

“I think so at the very least.

Although if you’re looking to be knight-like it’s best not to do what I recommend.

It’s not knight-like at all, however it will make you the strongest attacker.”

“Does that come with a Zephyrus guarantee It sounds amazing.”

Ester laughs but afterwards her eyes look determined like she had decided something.

“Zephyrus, please make me the strongest.”

“Is it OK to decide that quickly You can take a little while to decide if you’d like”

“Originally I was going to settle for becoming a [Royal guard] however you showed me how to become a [princess’ knight].

If I don’t agree here I may end up bringing shame upon my household.”

It’s sounds a little troublesome but whatever, I wrote down the main points in a memo for Ester.

“For now go with this, I’ll give you a document with a detailed explanation later so do your best.”

“Thank you.

I will never forget this kindness.”

Ester bowed deeply when I gave her the memo as if it was a gift from the king himself, it was honestly a little uncomfortable for me.


“You don’t have to go that far, although you can continue feeling thankful for around 3 years or so”

Because the guild will last for three years.


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