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I was caught off guard by the sudden cute display by the princess.

[Dun-life] didn’t have a feature like this, a beautiful girl calling out your name can be quite destructive… Real life us scary.

“Now, it’s time to talk about how to train [saint], don’t interrupt again.”

“Got it! Please proceed!”

Rana seems to be in a good mood for some reason, should I be in a good mood as well

“The main position for [saint] is that of a healer, however it also does very well at providing Buffs for the party members.

So while it’s good to heal your teammates if you specialize in that the party as a whole will end up suffering.”

“Buffs, like the [princess]”

“Yes the two are very similar, however [princess] specializes in Buffs while [saint] is better at healing.”

” But as far as I can see [saint]s skills are mainly buffs”

Rana was looking at the memo while she said this.

Yes much like [princess], [saint] is dominated by buff Magic.

[Saint] can master several types of magic, attack, defense, buff, and recovery.

While it’s dominated mostly by buff Magic, thanks to its unique skill recovery magic is considerably strengthened.

The skills name is [the saints prayer continues to protect].

“Is it strong It doesn’t seem very strong.”

“Its not exactly strong, it’s continuous recovery.

Meaning that when someone’s healed normally the magic continues to heal them afterwards as well.

It’s thanks to this skill that [saint] comes in second only to [hero].

It means that during battle allies are in a state if continuous recovery.

Although contrary to my enthusiasm over this Rana doesn’t seem to understand it at all… I guess she’ll have to experience it first.

“Well seeing is believing, for the time being just get the unique skill and [recovery prayer].

While you can get recovery prayer at level 1, the unique skill requires you be level 10.”

“Ok, what should I get after that”

“Saints are in trouble if they get targeted so get the Buffs for defense and magic defense.

After that just refer to the memo, although you can ask me anytime if you have questions.”

“O-ok, thanks Zephyrus.”

“Yeah, leave it to me Rana.”

Rana began staring at my note so I moved on to Ciara.

“I kind of feel jealous.”

“What are you talking about Ciara”

“Nothing, tell me everything you know about [shield maiden].”

“Have you read the memo”

“Yes, can I ask questions”

Unlike Rana it seems that Ciara understood the contents of the memo and because of the household she grew up in understood her role as tank well.

“I don’t quite understand the unique skill I get at level 40 [Completely fascinating shield].

It’s supposed to have the effect of a attracting a monster’s attention.

My question is when I use it, will all the monster’s in the area focus on me”

“It will effect all those hit by the attack.

But you have to be careful because if an enemy is mid attack it’s target will still change to you and you could take unexpected damage.

It’s best to save it for bosses.”

Ciara was taking notes in a lovely flowery notebook as I talked I hope Rana learns a little something from her.

When I saw she was finished I continued my explanation.

“You should also be careful when the effect wears off, the target of the attack could change suddenly and if you’re not careful you’re friends could end up dead.”

Friends could be killed Sierra was taking notes furiously, the greatest humiliation for a tank is for a friend to die.

Of course I can be a back up tank if necessary.


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