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“Now we have all the members.”

I said as I came dragging Ciara behind me, everyone’s eyes were on me.

The princess and Ciaras expressions seemed to say that they knew who I was bringing with me.

“First off I would like to introduce everyone but from those expressions I take it that you two know Ciara already”

“Naturally, there’s no way I wouldn’t know a royal shield.”

“Royal shield”

Is that a name for equipment I searched the database in my brain for such a thing but no information like that existed for [Dun-life].

“Its another name for my family.

My family has produced many excellent shield jobs and has been chosen to escort the royal family no small number of times.”

“Thats not all, 54 years ago during the massive dungeon overflow the Marguerite family defended the country bringing the damage down to almost 0.

As a reward count Marguerite was given the honor of escorting the royal family.”

Ciara’s cheeks blush and Esters further explanation.

By the way it seems that Marguerite is Ciara’s surname, her full name being Ciarra Marguerite.

As an escort herself Ester seemed to hold some envy towards the Marguerite family.

It seems like the two have been acquainted for a long time due to shared training between their family’s but they don’t seem to get along well.

The princess on the other hand only remembered her as someone of the royal shield family.

She recognized her as a candidate to escort her when she was older.

It seems that at 16 if Sierra got a good job she was likely to be selected as an escort, since she chose [shield maiden] she was at the pinnacle of shield jobs and was likely the best candidate.

The point is that the escorts and princess all know each other so there’s no need to introduce them, all that’s left is Hannah.

However Hannah stood frozen before the aristocrats and when I came over looked up at me with a face like she was going to cry.

It was kind of cute.

“Zephyrus~ you didn’t tell me anything about this.”

“Yeah, I kind of thought you’d be happier not knowing.”

I figured that I’d she knew she’d be really unhappy….

Sorry Hannah.

“That’s not nice Zephyrus…”

“You’ll get used to it, your level is higher so it’ll be ok.”

Royal families and aristocrats don’t matter in [Dun-life], level is justice!

Also Hannah is super specializing in alchemy under my tutelage so there shouldn’t be an issue, however her expression still isn’t good.

“They’re not going to like throw me in prison are they”

“Hannah, what do you think the aristocrats are”

“What do you mean aristocrats, that’s the princess! What were you thinking!”

That it’s a category where you can get a pretty good job Obviously…. I’m already well aware of that Hannah.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking but….I’m pretty sure we’re not on the same wavelength here.”

Nah Hannah is over thinking things.

“Its fi~ne let’s introduce you.

ーthis is our head of production Hannah the [Alchemist].”

I pushed Hannah forward as I said this.

“By the way I’ve been teaming up with her to clear dungeons until now and she’s level 22.

She has a promising future right”

That succeeded in catching the the aristocrats attention.

“Thats a high level… for a first year to already be over level 20…”


“I though Zephyrus was the only one whobwas exceptional but it seems like you’ve been blessed with excellent support as well.”

“Hi Hannah, we met at the entrance ceremony but it looks like we’ll be members of the same guild from now on.

It’s nice to meet you.”


Hannah was still shaking but they seem to have accepted it.

Hannah was fine talking to Ciara at the entrance ceremony though Did she not know what Ciara was an aristocrat then Oh well, I’m sure she’ll fit in soon enough.


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