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We finished collecting the boss materials, they were a bit better than the normal boss drops.

Hannah was also please to get the precious alchemy material [Emperor Goblin’s crown].

We didn’t do boss pop as it was already 4pm and I had a promise to keep with Ester and a guild to set up.

“Sorry I wasn’t able to get you a dungeon capture medal today.”

“No, it’s ok.”

If you’re incapacitated along the way or you don’t participate in the dungeon capture you’re not given the medal.

Meaning that although Hannah more or less cleared the dungeon with me she wasn’t given anything to prove it.

Although it was regrettable she doesn’t actually seem to mind.

We’ll be coming back so I’ll make sure to get her the medal next time.

I put mine on my sky armor bringing my total up to 4, 3 lower tier medals and 1 intermediate tier.

“You look cool Zephyrus.”


Hannah also seemed to like it.

I decided to raise my Hp with 《Aura heal》so that I didn’t look as beat up.

“Good work today.”

“You too.”

Hannah and I stepped on the teleportation circle together and reappeared at the entrance.



There was almost an audible sound as the attention of the upperclassmen gathered there focused on us.

Hannah shrunk behind me.

“Oh this is probably why.”

I pointed to the medal on my chest as I tried to speak to Hannah who was still hiding behind me.

“Oi that guy…!”

“Did he just come out of the wild flower dungeon Isn’t he a first year!”

“Look at his chest he’s got the medal!”


“It took me 3 months to clear that dungeon!”

“Damn, are we about to be overtaken by our juniors!”

“Wait wait! Look at the girl hiding behind the [Hero]! She doesn’t have the medal!”

“What! Does that mean the hero soloed the boss!”

“Is [hero] really that strong!”

It looks like it’ll get annoying if we stay here.

“Lets go Hannah, don’t be afraid.

Keep your back straight and walk proudly.”


“Where did the strong Hannah from the dungeon go”

“I’m not strong! I’m weak..”

Well, it’s true her status is kind of weak but…I probably shouldn’t say that.

So instead I walked off proudly my shoulders back, with Hannah following behind me, albeit a little shakily.

“That is so scary, it was all upperclass boys!”

I guess it’s normal for a girl as small as Hannah to be a little scared if a bunch of men suddenly start paying attention to her.

I patted her head to comfort her….her hair was unexpectedly poofy.

“U~ thank you.”


Hannah looked up at me causing me to blush and she made a lonely sound in her chest when I removed my hand.

When did she learn such a technique

After a few minutes we came to the ‘guild application desk’.

“You’re here!”

“Hello Zephyrus.”

When we entered the princess was standing there alongside Ester.

“Sorry, did you wait long”

“You’re late! It’s not good to keep me waiting you know!”

“Lady Rana, we haven’t even been waiting 5 minutes.”

The princess was selfish as usual but she was smiling.

“You didn’t properly reply yesterday so I’ll ask again.

Will you join my guild princess”

“I don’t have any other choice I guess.

With [hero] being supported by [saint] we’re certain to win!”

The princess declared herself heroically for some reason but I got the answer I wanted to I decided to go ahead and introduce Hannah behind me.

Ciara was also there in the back.

I had the princess and Hannah wait for a moment while I went over to Ciara who was staring at us.

“How are you”

“Well, thanks to you I was able to get the job I wanted so, I’m grateful.”

“Thats good.”

Her tone was like usual but she seemed nervous and wasn’t moving so I grabbed her hand and headed over to everyone.

“H-hey, hand!”

“Well it’s not good if you don’t move.”

“But… it’s her highness lady Rana and her knight Ester.”

“Oh you know them There our new guild members.

I invited them after you left yesterday.”

“You really are insane aren’t you”

How disrespectful, I’ll have you know what im doing is perfectly in line with common sense for [Dun-life].


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