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“Zephyrus, there too! Isn’t that a collection spot”

“Lucky! This isn’t a well known area so there’s a lot of collection spots left.”

We’re currently on the 8th floor of the dungeon collecting.

Of course the main goal is to defeat the boss and create a guild.

But that will happen either way so there’s no need to rush around all panicked.

This dungeon is popular because of the [magic grass] that can be used to make MP potions so it’s regularly cleaned out.

In fact up until the 8th floor we weren’t having much luck, but here collection points were scattered all around us.

I was getting my money’s worth out of the scoop thst I’d purchased from Maria.

“The effect is great, I’m able to collect a lot!”

Normally you’d only be able to collect one at a time but the effect of the scoop allows me to collect two.

That at the quality improvement effect being at level 4 means that I was able to collect a large number of high quality [magic grass].

Good quality means that the effect of the potion will be greater.

Therefore I want to collect as much of it as I can.

Going around the collection points I was able to collect as 84 [magic grass] in total along with a few other items.

Hannah who had been training to become an alchemist from a young age was also smiling happily at the thought of being able to use the materials.

After this level goblins with weapons began to appear but I was able to easily defeat them.

Once we reached the 13th floor up to four goblins would appear at once but my new magic [shine lightning] was a wide range attack magic.

It was quite useful and didn’t require very much aiming.

Although it took longer with us stopping to collect materials we were able to reach the safe area outside the boss room by 3pm.

Our current levels are [hero level 21] and [Alchemist level 22].

The total amount of [magic grass] collected was 368, it might seem like a lot but….

I honestly wanted more.

“If you would Hannah.”


Once at the rest area I asked Hannah to do a job for me, making MP potions.

Hannah pulled out an alchemy set, a recipe for mp potions, small magic stones, slime jelly, and the magic grass.

The recipe was just a note that she wrote based off a text book in the schools library.

The reason slime jelly is being used is because it tends to be of higher quality than just water.

But the results will be the same MP potions.

“I did it! I made an Item!”

“Good job Hannah!”

We highfived over the small bottle that appeared inside the alchemy pot.

Or to be more specific, the [Mp potions (lesser)] that appeared.

It’s a mysterious phenomenon unique to the game, it was set like this.

So that what you made just appeared complete from the materials.

Potions, swords, boomerangs.

It all happened this way.

I didn’t think it would happen in the real version but Hannah didn’t seem surprised at all.

“Alright Hannah, make as much as you can!”

“Leave it to me!”

Hannah happily returned to her work.

“This is pretty high quality!”

When I drank the potion my MP recovered by 30 instead of the normal 20 that you’d get from a lesser MP potion.


[T/N: for those who like my translation style I also translate two other novels. A NEET’s guide to the parallel world and My 3521st Reincarnation ]


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