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“Wait just a minute, are you trying to take Ester from me!”

Ester looked upset by my question, and although I was trying to negotiate with her I couldn’t help but turn towards the princess.

“Why are you making an annoyed face, rude! I’m talking to you so you should look happy!”

The princess looked anxious when she saw my expression.

Although I guess it’s normal for anyone who thought that their subordinates were being taken from them.


“Y-yeah, well as long as you understand.

Ester is my escort so you can’t pull her away without my permission.”

“But I wasn’t pulling her away I was just inviting her to my guild.”

“Thats pulling her away!”

But if they joined my guild both of them would be together Am I missing something

“Uhm, lady Rana, I believe you are also being invited to join the guild.”

“Huh Wait really! But why didn’t he ask me”

Oh, I just realized I didn’t ask her….

Well I kind of figured that if I got Ester she would just join without permission anyway… I decided to properly invite her, although I made a face as I did.

“You want to join my guild princess”

“Wait a minute! You’re supposed to join my guild! You, my guild, together… you join my guild! Not the other way around!”

“If you join my guild I’ll tell you how to get [saint] to appear.”


The princess’ mouth was hanging open.

Ester too seems to think this was unbelievable, kind of like Ciara did.

Just incase I continued forward while I had the momentum.

“I’m quite lucky to have [saint] and [princess’ knight] joining my guild.

Let’s go meet the requirements immediately.”

“Wait! Are you being serious How would you know the conditions for [saint]! ….where are you trying to take me!”

“Ah well..

come on Ester you too.

No harm in hearing the requirements right”

“N-no, if what you say is true then the royal family will want to make a move..huh, ah!”

I grabbed the princess and Ester by the arm and pulled them along forcefully.

It wasn’t possible for children with no jobs to resist me, I headed straight to my room.

Ciara had left behind the alchemy bracelet and alchemy equipment.

I shouldn’t use them without permission but it’s for the good of the guild.

Looking back on it, from the outside, the way I politely guided these two into my room might have looked like kidnapping…..


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