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“Did you two come to use the dragon statue”

“Yes, lady Rana wants to awaken to a job as soon as possible so she uses the statue everyday after class.”

“Wait, Ester!”

The princess tried to cut Ester off but she was too late.

“Oh, so you haven’t got a job after all have you princess”

“Kuh, that right.

The job I want is super difficult! It isn’t easy to meet the requirements for it.”

“Is that so.”

The royal family can get good jobs but the difficulty for making them appear is high.

Also for recruitment to a guild in the game only an A ranked guild or higher with a fame of 200 could recruit royalty.

“So you’re not going for [princess] then huh What are you aiming for”

“A job that you could never get!”

“Oh, are you aiming for [saint]”


The princesses face turned bright red, looks like I was right.

The small jab at me was an effective hint, as a male it’s not a job that would appear for me since it’s a woman specific job.

“The day that [hero] and [Saint] appear in the same generation, what a romantic day that will be.”

“What! I,i,i,i,i,Idiot! I wasn’t thinking like that at all! Don’t be conceited!”

“Lady Rana was that some sort of roundabout love confession Do you have feelings for this gentleman”

“No way Ester! Although [hero] and [saint] to fit each other nicely, and I longed for something like that.

Although look at him, how could I fall in love with this [hero]!!”

The princess denied Esters splendid cross examination while naively exposing how she felt.

“In that case Zephyrus, although she acts like this lady Rana is a good person, and is well mannered.

Please consider her.”

“Consider me for what! Shut up Ester! And you too!”

I decided that the princess might explode if I poke her anymore than this.”

“Calm down, I believe you.

Take a deep breath.”

Anyway, [saint] is a superb job that is ranked right after [hero].

That’s an important note there… ranked after [hero].

In short, it’s a job that I absolutely want to add to my collection.

The princess herself has silver hair and blue eyes, her face isn’t bad and she’s of average height.

In short she’s a perfect candidate for recruitment.

Since that had now been decided I turned my attention to Ester.

“May I call you Ester as well”

“Yes, you may call me whatever you like.”

“In that case Ester, earlier you said that you two had come to use the dragon statue, does that mean that you don’t have a job either”

“Thats correct, however I have met the conditions, I will awaken to the job once Lady Rana awakens to hers.”

Oh, that’s convenient.

“In that case you’re probably aiming for [Royal Guard] then correct”

It’s a fairly strong job set apart from normal knights, but it’s only considered and mid ranking job.

“! You’re are quite knowledgeable.”

Ester looked momentarily impressed.

It makes sense because as a villager [Royal guard] is a job far outside of what I should know.

Since some jobs are locked to certain categories such as royalty, count and the like, it’s not something I would even be able to obtain.

“Are you happy with that job choice”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“Right, I’ll be straightforward.

I want you as well.”


The princess shouted… I wish she wouldn’t interrupt me.

“If you join my guild I’ll tell you the conditions for [princess’ knight].”

When I said that Ester’s eyes swam.


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