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“Is this really ok For some reason I feel like there’s something very wrong with this.”

I get it….

Even I feel a little guilty.

Right now we were working on conditions 2 and 3 of [shield maiden].

We were playing a new game called slimeball.

I would pick up a slime and throw it into Clara’s shield.

This would count as one attack, and the slime would disappear afterward.

According to the system of [dun-life] if you throw a slime it’s counted as assisting a monster’s attack and registers it as the monster itself attacking.

It’s actually kind of nice because the slime takes damage against the shield and disappears, saves us the trouble of stabbing it after.

After about thirty minutes we managed to satisfy the conditions.

I asked Ciara to check what jobs she still needed to meet for the 5th condition and then satisfied them as well.

“This is really strange.

No, it’s absurd.”

There was a dragon statue in the aristocratic building of course so after we finished Ciara was easily able to acquire the [Shield maiden] job.

“Well for now, congratulations on awakening”

“Yeah…..sorry, you kept your promise but let’s end it here for today.

I’ll compensate you for it at a later date.”

We split up in front of the dragon statue as I tried to contain my excitement at having gotten such a valuable guild member.

“Oh right, take this with you.

You can read it later.”

“What is this”

“Its a memo on my thoughts for the strongest [shield maiden] build.”

For some reason the light left Ciara’s eyes, it was like I was serving her more food after she was already full.


It seemed my memo delivered the coup de grace and Sierra retreated upstairs after putting the memo in her pocket.

From the third floor up was the girls dorms so it seemed like she lived in the same building I did.

After seeing Ciara off I wondered what I should do when a familiar face appeared.

“Y! You!”

“Oh you’re that arrogant princess.”

“Who are you calling an arrogant princess! You’re as rude as ever!”

It was the same arrogant princess wearing a silver Tiara, what was her name again It seems like she came to use the dragon statue, although unlike last time she had an attendant with her.

“Princess Rana, do you know this person”

I could tell she was a knight in a single glance by the broach she wore on her chest.

The short pinkish blonde hair and orange eyes made her seem intelligent, she was also tall, just barely shorter than I was and very fit.

She looked like the princess’ escort but she wore the uniform of a first year.

What kind of first year is this fit!

“This is the [hero].

I invited him to the guild but he had the nerve to refuse.

What’s more, he told me that if I wanted him to listen to what I was saying raise my level and come back!”

She looked at me as if to say I’d humiliated her.

“Zephyrus hero level 20.

How much have you improved in these last few days princess”

“Huh, what! You’re already level 20! Wait up!”

“I’ll be entering the beginner class intermediate tier dungeons tomorrow.

I wonder if the difference between us will continue to grow”

“Didn’t I just say to wait!”

The knight judged the relationship between the princess and I then nodded.

She seemed to have decided I was okay.

“I apologize for my lateness, I am Ester, Lady Rana’s escort.

I am pleased to make your acquaintance.

“Yeah nice to meet you….

Who’s this Rana person again”

“…….The princess.

Lady Rana did you not even introduce yourself properly”

“Wait a minute Ester, don’t talk to me like I’m some bad child! Even without introducing myself the other person should know who I am, I’m the princess after all.”

“No, it’s polite to give your name when you meet someone.

Whether the other person knows your name or not you should respect the etiquette and still politely give your name.”

You can clearly see who holds the power in this relationship as Ester reins the princess in.


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