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“You’re quite forceful aren’t you.”

“Depends on the time and the place.”

“I see.

We came to the lounge where there were several soundproof rooms available for renting out, often used for meetings.

I rented one and once inside I turned to Ciara and was straightforward.

“Let me help you get the job you want, if you succeed with my help, I want you to join my guild.

“If you answer me one thing, why would you go that far You don’t even know me very well”

“Because our guild is currently recruiting”

“That doesn’t explain why you chose me”


“Ok, but don’t be disappointed when I tell you this.”

“Are you going to say something disappointing”

“Well maybe..

I chose you based of your appearance and the job you’ll end up choosing.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand.”

“Well first, you’re beautiful, I have no complaints about your appearance so you pass there.”


Ciara sighed loudly.

Did she think I was joking Appearance is quite important you know.

“The next is your job, I want all our combat jobs in the guild to be high rank.”

“That’s not possible There’s only a handful of high ranked jobs and those who get those are taken by higher ranked guilds first.”

“Does that mean that if you get the high ranked job you’ll also join a high ranked guild If so we can be done talking.”


This is a recruitment after, not charity.

“[Shield Maiden] right”


“Haha, so I was right.”

When I guessed the job that Ciara wanted she looked surprised, in fact the face she made was totally worth it.

“How do you know of that job! My great grandmother was the only person in history to get the job!”

“If you join my guild I’ll tell you, I’ll also show you how to make [Shield maiden] appear.”


“I knew the conditions for [hero] so it’s not thst strange is it”

“No, I just feel uneasy.”

Well, I may have been a little over the top.

Although I figured there was really only a 50% chance that she would join my guild.

In the game to recruit people from the noble category it requires a higher guild fame.

Which you increase through doing quests and helping the school.

In a since you do things that help make the guild famous.

However I’ve already seen that there are several things you’re able to do in the real [Dun-life] that you couldn’t do in the game.

The [Shield maiden] job is the highest job available in the tank class.

Its absolutely considered a high tier job and in my opinion it’s by no means beneath the [hero] job in anyway.

So, what will be Ciara answer


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