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Unfortunately Kiri left, it seems like she saw what she wanted to see.

However I continued to look for candidates for my guild.

I watched the first years train although I was a first year myself.

Myself as well as the senior students also felt it was weird for me to be standing with them.

It was thanks to Kiri that no one tried to recruit me, it seems none of them were vain enough to try and invite someone who turned down and invitation from an A ranked guild.

But it was while I was watching that I realized.

“I have no idea who’s doing well..”

I’m positive that I know more about this world than anyone else in it but, I can’t determine talent at all.

It seems like I fail as a scout because I have no idea what to look for.

“Should I just choose by appearance”

All that mattered in the game were two things, appearance and the job.

Since none of them have jobs I decided to just select people with a good appearance for now since I can guide them into good jobs.

Once I’d decided that I felt someone comes up behind me.

“So we meet again.”

Turning around I saw it was Ciara who was behind me when I got my job.

“Ciara, long time no see!”

“The entrance ceremony was a week ago”

Has it only been a week Apparently I live a fast paced life.

“What are you doing here You’re not trying to meet the requirements for a job anymore are you”

Since this is the building for first years trying to meet the requirements for jobs it’s abnormal for me to be here.

It sounds like she’s blaming me but if you look at her you can tell that it’s pure curiosity.

“I’m here as a scout, I’m thinking of making a guild and I’m here to invite my classmates.”

“Guild Won’t it be a while before first years are able to make guilds”

“No, I’m going to dive into an intermediate tier dungeon tomorrow so I’ll meet the requirements soon.”

“You’re already that far What level are you”

“[Hero level 20]”

“No way..”

Ciaras eyes grew wide on shock, in fact it seemed like the entire room was looking at me in envy.

If I’d been aiming for it I could have enjoyed this more But instead I stood there with a face that seemed to say ‘What’d I do’

“I see, I must be dawdling.”

“Hm Ciara you wanted to be a tank right”

“Yeah, but it’s unfortunate because it seems like the job isn’t appearing for me.”

She sighed, I guess shes having a tough time.

“What are you aiming for I might be able to help.”


Sierra grew quiet, it seemed like she was having trouble saying.

“Thats OK, its a specialty job so I don’t think you’d know it.”


Didn’t think I would know Meaning it’s a special job she didn’t think that a commoner would know.

I could tell by the white feather badge that she wore that she was the daughter of a count.

Since those in the category of count have access to special jobs if it’s the daughter of a count and a tank.

I only had one idea of what it could be, and if I was right, I absolutely wanted her as part of my guild.

However I shouldn’t try to force her into it, I want her to join the guild after teaching her, not forcing her into a job.

For now I should explain.

“Its true that I could help you.

I….maybe we should talk somewhere else.”

I seemed to be attracting a lot of attention, so I grabbed Ciara’s hand and pulled her away.


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