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It was already 4pm by the time I took my leave of Maria and headed to the school building.

It seems like this is a good time.

I went to the place where students who want to acquire combat jobs would be gathering after training.

The dungeon strategy major is a major that focuses on clearing dungeons and collecting the recourses.

The Combat division specializes in monster drops.

It’s practical for me to recruit from this division since even if I could get someone a good job if they aren’t motivated it’s not good.

It is real life after all and happiness isn’t always conducive with a good job.

When I entered I saw older students there doing the same thing I was.

“You’re the [hero] aren’t you”

When I turned around there was an older girl with a black ponytail.

It seemed like a buzz went around the room when she talked to me but I didn’t care.

“Yeah I’m the [hero].”

“Pardon me.

I’m Kyrie, a third year student.

Please call me Kiri.”


“I’m Zephyrus you can call me either that or Zephyr.”

“Then I’ll call you Zephyrus.

“Nice to meet you.

“I’m part of the A rank guild [thousand sword fracal], I’ll be blunt, do you want to join”

I was surprised to be invited to an a rank guild.

There are only 6 guilds and with a maximum membership of 40 members per guild, there can only be 240 a rank guild members.

I’m happy to be invited but it’d be boring to start at a high rank.

“Thank you very much for inviting me.

But I plan to make my own guild.”

The room began to buzz the moment I refused many people couldn’t believe their ears.

“I see, I’m sorry for asking so suddenly.”

“No, I was honored to receive your invite.”

“Fufu, is there any chance you might change your mind You have until may after all.”

“I don’t think I could live up to your expectations.”

Kiri seemed to smile even though I was refusing.


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