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After that we returned to the 6th floor and began gathering materials from the smaller monsters.

In this way we worked our way back down to the 9th floor after 2 hours and my MP had recovered by about 60.

I wasn’t able to use [appeal] to keep the monster’s attention on me so I worked to cover Hannah without it.

This time we completed 5 runs in 30 minutes.

“I’m tired~, did we at least get something good in the chest”

“You’ve been asking the same thing ever since we got the guest bracelet.”

Hannah laughed, of course rare drops are called for a reason.

They’re rare but, it’s hard to stop the boss runs because there’s a chance that something good might drop.

Out of the 16 boss runs that we’ve done we’ve only gotten 2 rare items, and only one of them was super rare.

“Lets see, I’ve gathered the recourses and now for the boss drops….hm I don’t think we’ve gotten this before.”

“Huh Oh, [anteater bear fur] yeah its one of the harder drops to get, did we really only get it once”

It shouldn’t be that difficult to get but, it seems like this is the first time Hannah is seeing it.

The fur can be used to make light armor and is the drop here that sells for the highest but after 17 runs and 85 items it only dropped once.

What a shame.

“What about the chest though Did we get anything rare”

“Oh! We got something rare! A flame rod with fireball level 2! ”

“Huh We really got something rare Wow!”

Fire rod: Attack power 2.

Magic power 11.

“Fireball LV2”.

It’s a rod that can use attribute magic even if the user doesn’t have the skill.

They can be useful.

It can help someone with a job like [Alchemist] raise their level relatively safely and is also effective against ghost monsters.

It’s only fireball level 2 so it won’t be useful when we move up from the beginner dungeons but for now it can still be helpful.

“Hannah, you should use it, you won’t have to rely on that beginner equipment anymore.”

“Huh But I really like my mace.

“You like beginner level equipment”

Does she just like beating things to death Is that why she doesn’t want to change equipment

I left it to my STR stat and just pulled the mace away from her.

“Ah! Mei!”

You named it!

Weapons need to constantly be upgraded, you can’t get too attached to any of them, I handed her the flame rod.

“You’re going to fight using magic from now on.

Although it’s surprisingly difficult to aim, so you’re going to need to practice.”

“Uhm, but this looks like it will break if I hit something with it…”

“You don’t hit things with it, you use magic.”

It’s not a mace after all, hopefully she won’t break it because we can sell it at a high price to classmates in a month or two.

Although it’s Hannah, so if I tell her it’s worth a lot, she won’t break it.

“We collected the specified number of items for the request and a lot of other stuff too.

“Yeah, we got an incredible amount of drops didn’t we.”

“If just this much surprises you, it’ll be more difficult in the future.”

In the future if we get something to help my MP recovery rate, we’ll be able to stay down their longer and do more boss runs.

As my stats raise the battles will be over faster allowing us to do more and more boss runs.

For right now I’m level 15 while Hannah rose to level 18.

We should be able to raise our level to 20 in the beginner dungeons, so we’ll continue to do bosspop until we reach that goal.

I told Hannah that since she was now past level 16 there was no need to face herself to go into the dungeon anymore if she wanted to focus on production.

But it seems she likes going into the dungeon with me as she shook her head refusing.

“Well then, should we head home”

“Yeah, we’ll do this again tomorrow, together.

Hannah’s cheeks grew red and she mumbled in agreement.

Then we both stood up and stepped into the magic circle, today’s dungeon exploration was finished.


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