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“Hey, is that a first year”

“Whoa, and advanced equipment series”

“Who is that I feel like I’ve seen him.”

“Idiot, that’s the hero.

He’s a rising star among the first years.”


We’re getting a lot of attention on our way back from the dungeon.

Although what’s getting the most attention is the [sky series] equipment.

If someone suddenly appeared wearing this it would of course have this effect.

Although it’s effectively scared off the people fighting to invite me to their guilds, just the effect I was hoping for.


“Everyone is staring.”


Although Hannah appeared so dignified in the dungeon her usual shyness is coming out now.

It seems like she regrets not going home earlier and deciding to stay with me.

But having her here also contributes to warding off the solicitations, I have a companion.


The trick is walking like you’re a dignified individual.

If you looks scared they’ll talk to you under the guise of helping you out.

“What kind of gear is that ”

“I’ve never seen it before.

Is it ordermade”

“But it looks like high end equipment.

Isn’t it way too soon for him to have that”

“Yeah, he’s only been a [Hero] for a few days.

Is there anyone that can make it that fast”

“Well if it isn’t order made then where did he get it’

“Did some company get it for him”

” You mean he has a sponser”

“Recruiting him might be difficult.

We don’t have anything like that to offer.”

“The power of money.”

Although it’s a misunderstanding it worked out in my favor.

Since the rumor that a mere villager became a hero, the equipment gives the impression that I have someone backing me.

This went well.

Eventually I arrived at my destination without anyone bothering me.

A dungeon resources purchase shop operated by the school, there were various students working here learning about purchasing resources and managing a shop.

When I was playing the game I used this place as a garbage can for items that couldn’t be sold elsewhere or to help manage my inventory.

They will buy anything.

It’s rare for someone to come here because guilds and other places will usually buy the items for a higher price.

But we have no connections at the moment so there’s no other choice.

“Please buy thi~s”


Because the store was vacant at the moment when I went up to the window a pretty older student responded.

“Whoa, you’re that hero that everyone is talking about.

It’s nice to meet you.

“Its nice to meet you too.”

She told me her name was Melina.


Oh Hannah’s with me, I can’t play around too much, maybe I should have sent her home first

“Actually we just went into the dungeon for the first time today.”

“Whoa! So fast, there’s still so much time before the deadline.

“Well, I am a [hero] after all.”

“Oh, so youve already gone to the tutorial dungeon How did you do”

“I passed the first time of course.”

“Wow! Looks like you have a promising future!”

As expected of a sales student, Melina was easy to talk to.

Although we were talking the purchasing procedure continued.

Because the storage space isn’t infinite I wanted to get rid of as much stuff as possible, about 50% of the items were sold including feathers rice and wheat, stuff we couldn’t use.

We earned a total of 34,000 Mir.

“Oh, that’s more than I expected.”

It was a good idea to go into the dungeon a third time after all.

By the way one Mir is the unit of gold in [dun-life] you can think of 1 Mir as being equal to 1 yen.

After splitting the profits Hannah and I went home with happy smiles on our faces.

[《100ish yen to $1.

They made roughly $340.》]

Chapter 26a - Excerpt:I want to be with Zephyrus

My name is Hannah, and I live in the starter village.

This village has no name but is a fun village.

There are many shops here, such as a weapon shop, an armor shop, a pharmacy, a tool shop, a clothing shop, a musical instrument shop, and an alchemy shop.

The people that live here are few but all of them are nice.

My home is in the alchemy store, I grew up watching my dad make things and my mom sell them out of the store.

I thought it was only natural that I would become an alchemist.

I was so happy when my dad gave me a [lvl 1 alchemy] bracelet when I turned 10.

I’ve been practicing alchemy ever since.

However becoming an [alchemist] seems to depend on talent.

Apparently Dad regrets not practicing more as a child because he was only able to choose [Alchemist apprentice].

I’m going to practice so that way I can properly become an [Alchemist].




I spent 16 years growing up in this village before it was decided that according to the laws of this country I would go to the academy.

It seems like it’s finally time to see if I can become an [Alchemist].

But before I left for the Academy something really scary happened.

Although monsters don’t usually appear in the forest, when I went to get the ingredients for the recovery potions I planned to take to school a slime appeared.

For anyone under the age of 16, in other words someone who doesn’t possess a job, coming into contact with a monster means certain death.

I was so scared that I couldn’t move, I thought it was over for me.

But before the slime could hit me, I was saved by someone.

My childhood friend Zephyrus.

Well although I was close enough to say hello I don’t remember seeing him playing around in the village often.

He lost his parents when he was little and as such was cared for by the chief.

But without even a job, Zephyrus dashed in and defeated the slime.

“Are you ok I defeated the slime so it’s safe now.”

When I heard those words my anxiety cleared quickly and my face got hot.

My chest was pounding and I wasn’t able to talk for a moment.

Zephyrus is strange, he suddenly gave me slime jelly and muddy water and told me to us [alchemy] on them.

I told him it would fail but it seemed like that’s what he wanted.

My heart calmed down in my confusion and it wasn’t until he taught me slimepop that I understood.

It felt like I was seeing the world in a different light, even though I didn’t have a job I was able to easily defeat monsters.

I don’t care how Zephyrus knew about this.

I was never able to practice this much because materials were limited, so once I got started I couldn’t stop.

I was completely addicted to it and the [magic stone (tiny)] drops.





On the day we were supposed to go to the academy I went over to Zephyrus’ house so we could go to the chief’s house together.

But I couldn’t believe it Zephyrus didn’t know how old I was, he even called me small.

While it’s true that my height has been developing slow these past years I’m quite confident in my chest and butt.

Although that’s embarrassing so I can’t say it.

When we arrived at the school they gave us uniforms, notebooks and even weapons.

I chose a two handed mace, all the better to bash slimes with.

I really am thankful to Zephyrus.

It seems that the dormitory and even the school building for me and Zephyrus will be different.

For some reason my chest hurt when I heard this.

I was actually able to become an [Alchemist], something I’d dreamed about for such a long time.

Could it be thanks to Zephyrus

But Zephyrus got the legendary [hero] job, he’s amazing! It’s become the talk of the entire school.

But I couldn’t even get close to him after that because everyone was trying to invite him to join their party.

Zephyrus had to move to the aristocratic dormitory because of his popularity.

Although this is a good chance, in the aristocratic dorms the dormitories aren’t in separate buildings but instead on separate floors.

I offered to help Mrs.

Philis carry Zephyrus’ luggage to the dorm, there I got to speak to the dorm mother.

She gave me permission to come and go when I was visiting Zephyrus.

This will increase my opportunities to spend time with him since he can’t be recruited in the aristocratic dormitory.




Today Zephyrus invited me to go to the dungeon.

I know Mrs.

Philis is pretty but isn’t she flirting a bit much I’ve decided I’m going to burst into the room tonight.

After selling some of the dungeon materials and resources, I went home to take a shower then headed to Zephyrus’ room to make dinner.

I used the ingredients we got in the dungeon today.

My mother was a great cook, so I’m confident in my own skills since she taught me.

Zephyrus seems to enjoy it quite a but, hehe I was worth making then.

Afterwards Zephyrus explained more about [Alchemy LVL10 ] and [compounding lvl5], why does he know so much about this

I was especially surprised to find that through [Alchemy LVL10] you could merge two {magic stones(tiny)} to create a {magic stone(small)} which can be used to make various potions.

{Magic stone(small)} is harder to come by so I was impressed that there was such an easy way to get more.

I decided that tomorrow I would work harder at Slimepop to help Zephyrus.


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