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The biggest selling point of [dun-life] was the 1021 different jobs.

Jobs are divided into two classes, lower and upper.

There are 409 lower class jobs.

The first level of jobs that can be obtained are all lower class, [Hero] is also classified as a lower class job.

Inside the lower class, jobs are ranked into lower, mid, and high tier jobs.

[Hero] is a lower class high tier job.

While [Alchemist] is considered mid tier.

However a high tier job is not the same as an upper class job.

Sooner or later a upper class job will be required, that’s the purpose of the job change ticket.

Changing jobs is easy, you raise the jobs level to the level limit and then use the ticket to change jobs at the dragon statue.

The main issue is the difficulty in getting a job change ticket.

These tickets are considered rare boss drops that only occur in intermediate class dungeons.

It’s been calculated that the drop occurs roughly once every 200 boss fights.

That’s why ranking up is so difficult, what Ciara said about about high class dungeons not being cleared makes sense if noone has a upper class job.


If this goes well we will be able to make our way to upper class dungeons where the tickets drop rate increases to 3%.

“Mission accomplished.”

“Ooh, Z- Zephyrus that equipment is really cool.”

“Isnt it though”

Hannah’s eyes were glued to the sky equipment.

Prue white divine looking armor and weapons, Hannah wasn’t upset even though I monopolized the drop this time.

She’s nice, I gave her all the dropped materials in return but, if the next rare drop we find suits her I’ll give it to her.

We decided to go through the dungeon again.

“We’re level 9 now, after another run through well be at level 10 then we’re done for the day.”

“Yeah, lets bring back lots of food.”


With just the small item bag we wouldn’t have been able to bring back all the items but since the large bag can hold 100 times the amount of the small bag we were easily able to bring it all.

After we returned to the entrance Hannah immediately went in for the third round.

Going in the the sky series equipment was massive overkill.

I’m glad Hannah was the only one who could see me doing something similar to the annoying players in mmos that over fish beginner hunting grounds.

Either way we are level 10 now and the purpose for doing all this has been accomplished.

“[Hero’s sword]!”

When I entered the boss room I immediately activated the skill and demolished the goblin.

The back wall was also fixed so, I destroyed it again but there was no chest.

Oh well.


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