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"Ahh, I failed again"

"Don't worry, that's because your status is still at their initial value, Mona.

There will be lot of things to do from here on"

We were asked to try disarming several other traps including the booby trap from earlier.

Gais-sensei is really a nice teacher.

When you say you want to try that, he will gladly let you do that and when you ask him to demonstrate, he will show you how to disarm them.

Disarming traps is a lot of fun.

And currently, a trap has just been activated with a slip of the hand of Mona.

Fortunately, the trap was just an imitation so damage is almost negligible but if it was a real one, Mona had to withdraw from being unable to continue anymore.

Anyway, I calmed his depressing mood for now.

Sometimes later……

"Both Zephyr-san and Celestine-san are amazing, you managed to deal with all of them.

And here, I failed in all of them.

Maybe I just don't have any talent in disarming traps"

"No, you did disarm the first booby trap, didn't you"

"That was just taking an arrow from the device, that's all.

Any no-brainer can do that so it doesn't count"

"Have some more confidence on yourself, Mona"

I just hope Mona doesn't get discouraged and still push forward on his path without losing sight of his aspiration.

Let's raise his level as the first step.

"I'm done"

"You're amazing, first-year.

Even the majority of second-year would struggle to disarm that trap, you know"

It seems like Celestine has just disarmed a trap that appears in an intermediate mid-grade dungeon.

Gais-sensei is so awfully surprised.

Seriously, just who's Celestine Real butlers are amazing.

Incidentally, I tried disarming traps from an intermediate lower grade dungeon but I unexpectedly succeeded in all of them.

My DEX hasn't yet reached 50 but maybe it was because of "Intuition" that I had some strange premonition like "I should do that" feeling.

I was even momentarily amazed at myself, wondering since when I became such a prodigy.

Abilities in reality are so amazing.

I managed to experience a lot today so I decided to end our expedition there.

Nevertheless, the experience is really valuable.

Mona said he wanted to stay in the Trap disarming department for a bit more so we parted our ways there.

"Then see you soon, Mona.

Also take this, and don't forget to read it later"

"What is this"

"This is my recommend guide for training "

The thing I handed to her was the usual memo.

The only difference is this is my recommendation series guide instead of the strongest training guide.

This was a kind of recommendation guide where he can weather any kind of storm at least without making any mistake, unlike the guide to be strongest in the respective job I give to guild members.

After all, he's just at Lv0.

I reckon if he faithfully follows it, he should be able to surpass the class 1-1 of the collection department.


Mona who heard it let out a very cutesy voice.

Is he really a boy

I was a bit interested about that however I decided to not follow my curiosity since there are still many more classes to try on.

I and Celestine left the Trap disarming department building after making an appointment with Mona to meet contact again.

"How does this class sound to you, Zephyr-sama"

"Full rating.

I even have the idea to just lock on this right on! It's a strongest candidate for now"

Students can take upto maximum of 6 elective classes.

Even if I choose a trap disarming class which takes 2 slots, there's still as much as 4 slots empty.

I'm going to put it in my prospective list and final judgement would be decided after checking out every other class.

"Okay, let's speed up!"

"As you wish"

As declared, we went around several other classes to check out.

We went to  and hands-on experience the production of weapons, defensive armament and items.

In , we changed to "suits" and experienced window trading.

The true difference in DEX shows up when we were in Production major and I experienced a crushing defeat by the hands of Celestine.

That being said, the beginner equipment and items made didn't have that much of a difference because we used  equipment nevertheless several things dished out by Celestine were high grade inexplicably.

As a matter of fact, all I made were just normal items.

Alas, I wished someone would praise me since I didn't fail in any of them.

The appearance of Celestine and mine dressed in suits for some reason become the centre of everyone's attention in Business Major.

The girls, when I and Celestine greeted them with "Welcome, Young lady" simultaneously, immediately went all "kyaa, kyaa" and flooded our window.

Or rather, even the girls that had been lined up in front of the window of other students who were there to experience window trade like us moved to our window.

What the heck was that, is this the charm of Hero! (Unfortunately, I couldn't deny that decisively)

"Hey-hey, don't you think they looks good"


They look so handsome.

I wish I could have a with them"

"Just the sight of two of them is soothing to my heart.

Would anyone tell me who they are"

"You don't know Both of them are quite famous"

"Huh W-Who might they be"

"I get you, it's hard to recognize without equipment.

They are none other than the  Zephyr, the guild master of  whose popularity is right now at its peak and the tall young butler is  Celestine!"

"W-What did you say! Huff n-now that you said, they truly look like Brave-kun and Smiling Butler! No, I mean that not, I couldn't resist the charm of the suit!"

"Fufufu, they look amazingly handsome, don't cha"

The strange turmoil built up by girls was quite impactful.


Let's pass on business majors.

I felt like that's the better choice there.

We continue to visit other classes in order after that, sometimes meeting Lana and her attendant Ester etc company, taking classes together or occasional bumping on Sierra and Lulu and experiencing classes together with them.

It was a fulfilling and fun day, like the school festival.

I still haven't gone to check out on a few other classes, but given it was time for classes to end, we returned to the Combat department.

Let's continue the rest next week.

That's when I suddenly noticed something.

That I haven't Hannah even once in a whole day.

Everyone I bumped on were those with combat jobs.

Just where did she go一一


Just then, I heard the sound of an explosion coming from the training ground.

My expression instantly switched at the huge explosion sound.

"I wonder what happened"

"Ah~ I understood.

Relax, Celestine."

I quickly pulled down Celestine who stood in front of me to protect me without a momentary delay.

Those explosions were familiar.

I hurriedly moved in the direction of the training ground taking Celestine along.

Boom Boom BOOOOM

Intermittent the sound of explosions as we get closer.

And when we finally arrived,

"I knew it, the cause is none other than Hannah"

The silhouette of the person standing in the training ground amidst the sounds of explosions was someone we were very well familiar with, Hannah.

"Zephyr-kun! Uwaa, I finally met you, Zephyr-kun! Geez, where have you gone Do you know how lonely I was seeing no one familiar around when I finally come all the way to combat department!"

"Well, The elective classes for the combat department were not in my range......


It turned out Hannah was taking elective classes in the combat department.

I looked around and noticed several targets seemed to be destroyed by something.

They are slightly scorched.

Hannah's new weapon is getting better and better.

By the way, the targets are like the wall of dungeons, self-healing, so they will be restored once again giving it some time.

Ah, they are already restored.


Either way, that was the reason why I didn't see Hannah anywhere today.

For the time being, I told her I don't have any intention of taking combat department's elective classes.

"Whaaat! You're not going to take them!"

"Well, we will be taking them on our normal schedule.

So there's not any meaning in taking them"


Hannah seemed to have received a critical hit, her knees gave in as she collapsed on the spot at the unforeseen development.

The ending of fun day was quite, well, paled a bit but either way, that marks the ending of our elective classes.


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