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"So this is the trap disarming department."

"Surprised, right I know any newcomer looking at this training group for the first time would be stunned.


Mona's jaw dropped when he saw the training ground of the Trap disarming department for the first time and his eyes opened wide to their limit.

In a nutshell, it's kind of a peculiar building, and in a nutshell, it's like an obstacle course.

The training ground here is not like the training ground of the combat department, which is simply huge.

It's more like an obstacle course but with a trap facility where students can simulate various types of traps.

The scenery is also unique, with various colors of buildings that look like circus tents forming an inconsistent pattern.

The elective classes here mainly focus on polishing students' skills by making them practice detecting countless traps installed inside those buildings, disarming them, and bringing them back.

Right now, there should be upperclassmen honing their skills.

We can even hear screams echoing outside, and Mona, who heard them, is trembling like a newborn fawn.

Furthermore, there are even rumors that all the traps that have been discovered so far have been installed in the facility.

"Let's enter there for now."

"Th-This place is quite intimidating."

"Fret not.

You have HP to handle even if you get yourself caught up in traps.


"B-But, my HP is just at its initial value..."

I enter the building along with Celestine and a trembling Mona behind while engaging in trifling chit-chat.

The inside is, surprisingly, even more spacious than the gym.

Various types of traps can be seen here and there right off the bat, along with some upperclassmen who look to be in dire straits as they devote themselves to disarming them.

One can disarm them by default, but they need to have considerable DEX value and technical ability if they want to take it back.

Ah, items are also necessary.

It's quite difficult, honestly.

Everyone here is practically those upperclassmen who have selected this department as optional, so there aren't any students with "Trapper" jobs.

Perhaps because of that, there are upperclassmen who get caught up in traps here and there.

To be honest, that's kind of comical.

There are other first-year students beside us who have come to check around, and there are even some who are undergoing hands-on training.

Ahh, one caught up in a trap.

I can see a first-year male student undergoing training getting himself buried in a thorn-covered chestnut trap some distance away.

Oh, he was rescued safely.

"Uwa, uwaaa.

It looks awfully difficult!"

"Calm down, it's easy peasy to disarm them with high DEX."

"But, my DEX is at its initial value."

Oh well, even my DEX isn't that high.

However, "Brave" has "Intuition", which helps me in detecting traps, but that's all, as I don't have any disarming skills, so I can only avoid or destroy them with the help of items.

Whether you can disarm traps in the game is based on a percentage of your skills, DEX, and various other factors.

In short, the prompt is like "You have a 60% chance of disarming the traps." However, failure in either disarming them or destroying them would result in activating them.

You can take them back if you succeed in disarming them, so I hope to study the sequence and techniques as much as possible to disarm them.

As it seems, this part has been revised in reality.

For example, you can disarm them as long as you have technique, even if your skill level is low.

I want to confirm if I can disarm traps only with items in the future.

Incidentally, traps make their appearance from beginner to high-grade dungeons and onwards.

The chances of them appearing in the intermediate dungeons increase by a great margin, and the number in which they appear increases in proportion to each dungeon's difficulty.

Treasure chests with traps appear in intermediate dungeons and occasionally appear in dead ends, etc.It's usually treated like a collection point or something.

Thus, the presence of a character who can destroy or disarm the trap in the treasure chest plays a crucial role.

That's why I want to learn it if possible.

Well, even if I can't disarm them, it's fine to just sacrifice the body directly and just go Boom.

As I was looking around with such an internal monologue taking place internally, my eyes met with the male teacher.

He grinned and called out to me.

"The first year there, do you want to give it a try"

I assume he is the teacher in charge of the trap disarming department.

Hmm, I guess it is just fine to give it a try, especially when someone has extended the invitation.

So, three of us decided to partake in the demo.

" " "Nice to meet you"" "

"Same here.

I'm Gais.

Just remember me as the nice guy Gais-sensei.


He's quite a humorous teacher.

Let's try to disarm this first.

Do any of you have any experience in disarming them "

Gais-sensei pointed at a typical arrow releasing booby trap.

An arrow has been installed in a rope-affixed device.

This seems like the simplest of traps, but since I don't have prior experience of disarming any of them, I shook my head.

Mona similarly followed suit.

For some reason, Celestine was the only one who didn't deny.

Huh, he has experience in disarming them

"You can't be a good butler if you're not experienced in disarming them."

This is the first time I've heard of such a standard.

Nothing less from "Dungeon Activity" is so profound.

Though I guess this must be limited to the fixation of Celestine himself.

Incidentally, "butlers" don't have any disarming skills.

But Celestine's DEX is increasing quite reasonably because of his investing SP in "Royal Etiquette".

So he should be capable of disarming them with all the items present.

It's also possible for him to become a good lock picker.

"Then let's try it right away!"

Our top batter was Mona.

Disarming the traps without any mishaps would allow one to get rope, mechanism, and an arrow.

These might be very rudimentary items, but for Mona, they are a valuable income source too, so he's quite riled up.

"Very well, take the tools first.

I will explain how to use them.


Gais-sensei handed him the flower-patterned "Seven Flower Tools", items used in disarming traps.


Excuse me, Gais-sensei.

Why the flower pattern "

"Because they look good in your hand, don't you think so"


I see.

Thank you very much.


However, Mona's burning enthusiasm was instantly dampened by the unexpected selection of flower-patterned tools by Gais-sensei.

He is looking at feminine tools with an immensely complicated look in his eyes.

I wonder if he has an unspeakable history with feminine items.

However, Gais-sensei only meant well-being, so he quietly accepted them and thanked him.

Let's go! Let's begin with the fundamentals first.

You two there, listen carefully, okay "

Thus began our demo class.


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