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I wondered how long they would make us wait because the classes would be spread out over the day, but the teachers arrived earlier than I expected.

It's not to say the teacher just happens to be someone I know very well.

Apparently, they have come to guide us around the building.

They must have considered letting us wait patiently in the classroom until they are done to be inefficient too, so they are going to take us for a tour around when the majority of the classes are filled.

It's understandable given how the whole academy is just so enormous for us to even walk in.

In other words, we're the first group to start with.


"I'm Phyllis, and I will be your class teacher beginning from today onwards.

Everyone, feel free to call me Phyllis-sensei.


The guide was none other than Phyllis-sensei.

I was slightly surprised to see Phyllis-sensei in charge of our class.

What more could be asked when the instructor is a 19-year-old beauty Hurray! (Second time)

By the way, it was something I heard later, but it seems the sub-class teacher is .

So, a veteran providing background support

Aren't the arrangements usually the opposite of that, or something along those lines I suppose there must be some circumstances here.Come to think of it, class 1 not only has several noble young ladies enrolled in it, but even the Princess of this country.

And Phyllis-sensei is the sister of Rika and the eldest daughter of the Marquis family.

They should have taken it into consideration too.

In any case, it's lucky to have Phyllis-sensei I'm familiar with, as the class teacher.

Afterwards, 17 people of the first group were guided around the important areas of the academy under the lead of Phyllis-sensei.

In fact, this was the first time I had looked around at the academy properly since all I had done after coming to the real life  was dungeon diving most of the time.

I recalled the excitement I felt when I came to the academy.

It was already noon by the time we finished looking around.

As expected of the biggest academy, we should have only gone around the necessary places we ought to know about, but even so, it took us the whole morning.

I was even surrounded by the  halfway through, sending me into a panic as they began to push their recommended protein juice for purchase.

However, I barely saved my hair by saying "I, not know, muscle language."

That's a joke.

Actually, it was Celestine who saved my wool there.

I'm so blessed to have such a capable butler.

After lunch, all Dungeon Capture majors gathered at the training ground in Combat Building 3rd> for the opening ceremony.

Opening ceremony...

I don't know whether it was the opening ceremony or the entrance ceremony, but I just think it coincides with it since there was just that much time difference.

Everyone gathered here were classmates because is exclusively for first-year students.

In the vast training hall, we all lined up in our respective classes.

I guess the class division had already ended when we were touring around.

Do you have any gratitude for your hard work, teachers

From there was the short speech of the Dean standing on the platform.

The Dean offered his greeting to each major and immediately left after encouraging all students in his short speech.

The Dean looks like he also has a lot on his plate to handle.

The role of opening ceremony's representative from combat major was filled by Lana.

Well, that was given and perfect.

She's a princess, and a Lv50 on top.

"We have been given the supreme duty to supply resources to our world.

Let's arm ourselves with the knowledge and techniques from the academy and from the teachers; let's collect the culmination of experience of our seniors and make it the source of our encouragement.


I even doubted myself for a moment there if it's really the Lana I know who's addressing us.

She seems to be covered in a majestic aura, without a speck of her usual naivety to be seen anywhere.

No one who once stumbled upon this spectacle would doubt Lana's status as a princess...

except me.

I nodded to myself in understanding why Lana looked to be in such a hurry after returning home last evening.

The ceremony ended amidst this and that.

That was all for today.

Well, mainly for the first group of our class.

Apparently, the second group is going for their tour of the academy premise from now on.

Do your best, second group! I cheered in my heart as I saw the retreating figure of 13 boys and girls led by the teacher.

We also excuse ourselves earlier.

Anyway, we will meet each other tomorrow in class.


I'm beat "

"You were amazing, Lana-sama."

"Lana-sama, have the lemon tea.

Be careful since it's hot "

"I will leave the cake here, Lana-sama.

Please have your fill.


"Fuwa, now that's what I call bliss" (Lana)

"What the heck with all of that"

We all, minus Hannah, gathered at the guild room, considering it a waste to return to our dormitory so early, but no sooner that we entered.

Lana, who looked so majestic during her speech, plopped herself on the table as soon as we entered.

The three attendants immediately come to her side, either cheering her on for her speech or preparing snacks.

Ester shows her appreciation.

Celestine prepares the tea while Shizu tends to the serving tower.

Rather, what are you even doing with that stuff that is mainly used for cake buffets, Shizu

I even have the tiny bit of an urge to peek at their item bags and see what in tarnation their item bags even have.

The aristocratic style of tea time was finished in a flash, as my thoughts hovered here and there.

So quick.

Karua's eyes sparkle seeing that spectacle and she asks Lana,

"Looks yummy.

Can I taste them "

"Be our guest, Karua.

Everyone, let's all eat together.


Together with Lana's invitation, everyone also partakes in tea time.

The tea made by Celestine was amazing as ever.

Nothing less from a expert tea maker.The items made or cooked by skilled holders are really something.

I decided inwardly to go for cooking items next time.

The others, except Shizu and Celestine, took their seats for tea time.

"But, it really makes me dead tired.

Not something I am used to.

However, I think Lana-sama should get used to such things a bit more"

Nevertheless, Lana seemed to have managed to get through the representative speech so splendidly earlier.

Strange enough, Ester, who has been spoiling Lana recently, looks unusually strict.

"Haa, it was all comfortable, but I want something more to heal me.

Karua, bring Sachineko-sama to me.



Got it"

"You think I will let you do that"

Karua is one step ahead of me for the outrageous thing Lana said, as she wished for something soothing.

I forced Karua to not move from her chair and instead went to fetch it myself.

"Here, I brought it."

"Hey, that's not Sachineko-sama!"

Of course, the plushie Sierra had purchased is what I brought.

I will definitely not let the demonic clutches get hold of Sahineko-sama!

"I'm back~"

"Ahh, welcome back, Hannah.

Come, have tea with us! "

There comes Hannah, finally.

She just came at the right time!

Lana's attention has begun to divert.

"Haa~ thank you very much~"

"What's the matter, Hannah You look awfully weary."

"That's right.

Listen to me, Zephyr! "

Apparently, the  Hannah was mega popular in .

Hannah's grades are excellent, she's adorable and also someone easy to talk to, so it seems the situation was hectic being surrounded by so many students.

They even tried to find out about her relationship with me, the .

Hearing all this, I can only say, "That's youth."

"Wait, you were really popular""Good for you, Hannah."

"It's good, but it's really not good.

I almost felt like I was going to melt away, receiving their enthusiastic, reverend gaze.


To top it all off, she even gave a representative speech in front of the crowd of first-year students from .

Hannah's tolerance metre seemed to have crossed its limit for this whole day.

As far as I could tell, she seemed to be heading towards the Onee-sama route smoothly.

"There, there.

"You did your best, Hannah," I consoled her with a pat on the back.


"Uwaa, I'm so jealous of you, Hannah! Me too, Zephyr! "

"Oh, well, if it's only th一一 Oi, why are you holding Sachineko-sama!"

"Of course I have to fetch Sachineko-sama personally if you're not going to do that."

"No-No, that's where you should have given up though!"

I was careless.

The Princess didn't let down her guard or lower her vigilance in the gap while I was preoccupied with Hannah.

"You're no fun, Zephyr.

A little bit of should be fine.

Ah Hannah, let's heal ourselves together.


Afterwards, Lana and Hannah regained their lively personas safely due to the blessing of Sachineko-sama.

Show some concern for Sachineko-sama too!

T/N : Tl;dr - Check out comment section for Smug Lana Illustration.

Hi guys, hope you're having fun reading this novel.

I have finally bought this series light novel for illustration and the short stories, I will add them (illustration) before or at Sunday.

For now, i have add ed one illustration in comment section (kind of didn't know how to add image on the site).

From left to right : Lulu - Lana - Hannah (in academy uniform)


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