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The alias of 's rare boss is .

Just as its name implies, it's an unusually big Mushroom, probably around 7m.

In addition, it also holds personification type abilities through which it has working limbs too.

Equipped with the super giant cleaver and hoplon shield along with the purple colour armour which reeks of poison, the boss is packed with crazy high attack ability and defensive ability.

The speed is a little faster compared to  but either way, it's body is just huge.

Its reach is too long corresponding to its huge size and so, it is hard to defeat it with one-sided advantage unlike when we bombarded the  with long range attacks.

(T/N : Mother is Mama Mash, the regular boss of this dungeon In case you forget)

It also has a shield for the defense, which just makes it even more difficult.

To further aggravate it, the rare boss unique skill  is crazy strong.

The main crux is the self-destruction attack.

If you accidentally become too immersed in battle and are late to escape, getting caught in the self-destruction will give you massive damage.

Self destruction attacks have long been a staple in the game as extremely strong attacks.

Its might is so big that it can even render a tank from fighting further, so it's of absolute importance to keep an eye on it.

By the way, the self-destructed  doesn't simply meet fall even if its HP is declining, on the contrary, it still looks all fine, raring to fight.

Well there are times, it truly met its demise with the HP becoming 0 though.

The other point that this rare boss resemble  is it can also summon its familiar  or release spores attacks.

So supposing you were swarmed by the  and lose your focus on the rare boss, you will be waiting to receive the chopping attack from its giant cleaver after.

To be honest,  is truly an all rounder boss without any blind gaps.

For such an all-rounder boss with a big body and strength, one can only respond with equally or stronger firepower head-on.

Or so, I explained to everyone in the safety area.

"Doesn't it mean we just have to play like usual and bash it hard!"

"Well, just as Lana said.

But we have Karua this time.

Try to match her movements as well!"


The means would be a bit different since instead of the usual rear guard Hannah, we have vanguard Karua in our time.

Taking note of this part too, I urged everyone.

However it seems Karua couldn't imagine what I am trying to say as she asked back, tilting her head in puzzlement.

"Is there so much difference"

"Yeah, when there are four vanguard.

Well, the opponent this time is ridiculously big so it's fine however against the small size opponent, strategy like switch is of importance.

After all, there's the danger of crashing into each other if we are lacking in cooperation while moving in to attack"


So we can move as we like today then"

"Of course, just be sure to not crash into other though"



With that nod ended our time for strategy, and we barged into the boss room.

Today's the final day to be appraised so there is almost no one there to challenge the dungeons.

Thus leaving the rare boss without anyone being there to defeat it.

Bosses heal as long as you retreat from the boss room even once, so it doesn't affect the boss even if it has a fight with seniors earlier.

The rare boss assumed its stance as it slowly raised its giant cleaver and a red, Poisonous hoplon shield.

Rare boss battle - begin!


"Hey-hey, that's too big!"

"Ohh, as expected of the giant Mushroom"

The rise of  had much more impact it seems, as Lana shouted in astonishment from pressure it gave, which was more than what probably imagined.

However, Sierra was as cool as ever even when others were terribly surprised and stepped forward holding her big kite shield.

So cool, Sierra!



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