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"Ohh! So everyone has safely reached Lv 30! Ah, take right from there Ester"


It's mostly due to the large amount of XP given by the sudden appearance of the rare boss  during our grind.

Even Pamela and Shizu, the one with the lowest Lv among us, easily reached the goal"

"You even defeated the rare boss! Amazing, it means they have graduated from the beginner-mid grade dungeon.

Oh, I can see it.

So it is the gate to the fifth floor"


Currently, the mechanical carriage  is running in the shortest route possible to the deepest layer of  while crushing any monsters coming in the way as usual.

Ester and I sitting on our respective driver and assistant driver seat were exchanging information while keeping an eye on the situation.

Lana, Sierra and Karua are in the carriage.

For the girls, they are looking at  which they are riding for the first time with curious eyes, fidgeting here and there.

Karua in particular seems to be like a restless hamster looking over there and keeping an eye out then moving over here and repeating the same.

Maybe Karua, who put emphasis on the speed as , might have felt some kind of resonance with the carriage.

She also looks keen about its speed.

"Amazing, this is so spacious and so fast.

Wonderful, fast and spacious!"

"Calm down Karua.

It's really hard for me take my off your restlessly swaying tail and fidgeting cat ears"

I see, so that's why Lana's gaze is nailed to Karua from a while ago.

I glanced inside and saw Lana's eye have the same predatory glint she has when she lovingly caressing Sachineko-sama.

It was by no means a type of gaze one would look at their comrade.

Well, It's really hard to not think about caressing those fluffy tails or ears.

I hope they look at the interior of the carriage more, not just Karua.

I also want to listen to their impressions so I tried starting a conversation.

"How do you guys feel How is the carriage's comfort level and other features Just like what I said earlier, it's a top quality products product build using heaps of rare boss materials"

Hearing it, Sierra, who was nearby, replied.


First, I never heard about vehicle equipment in itself so I'm still shocked.

I knew about the existence of carriage items however I haven't seen much of them when it comes to the carriage of this grade.

Majority of the carriage are type which are usually built with materials such as timbre and mentals, it's simply unthinkable of a one that needs monster material, what's more boss materials......

Normally, it cost too much and it's not something any average person can build"

Point on as always.

I also understand Sierra's point.

Afterall, this carriage cost a ridiculous amount of money to build.

I have used copious amounts of rare boss material and boss materials for rest, not even the slightest bit of timber of metal is used in the making of this.

Just, I doubt there would be any other person willing to spend so much for a single piece of equipment.

It's the same for items, they hardly need an item of this grade.

Not to say gathering the material is absurdly hard.

For those who don't know , they only have the option of collecting them by themselves or asking someone to do that.

However, no matter the option, it will take absurdly long time and money.

And what will they get after putting in so much effort A single piece of equipment or item.

Frankly speaking, it doesn't offset the time and effort you have poured in.

So, supposedly even if I reveal the recipe of mechanical carriage to the public, there would hardly be anyone who will make it.

Not worth it.

Sierra is someone with many acquaintances and also a princess of an aristocratic family, so it seems she has seen a carriage of this grade; however , she also guaranteed that it's not something that can be spotted casually.

In short, her words means it's comfort level is very high (Most likely).

Fuhahaha, there's nothing I can do.

The normal grade carriages recipe I had seen in the  were all too lackluster and their performance doesn't look any good at all with all of them using common materials.

They can't even defeat the monsters if you happen to run on them since those carriages aren't fast, are difficult to operate and their combat power is too low, so there are also chances of causing an incident called "Monster Train".

What's more, their frames aren't strong enough so you also get minus skill for equipping them, such as "increase damage taken by 50%".

In other words, even the simple act of moving will gradually shave off the user's HP.

This is the most hateful part.

Well, better a bare foot than none at all, I initially planned to make a normal grade carriage and took a brute force approach taking advantage of Ester's high status.

Although this approach will need the extra money for means of healing etc, I was thinking of splitting it as necessary expenses but I'm really glad we got ourselves a recipe from a gold chest.

After Sierra, I also received full rating from Lana and Karua too which greatly satisfied me.

It really feels refreshing to have something you have worked so hard to be praised.

Though it's made by Gant-senpai.

By the time I come out of my blissful mood, we have reached the 17th floor, just 2 or at most 3 minute until the final floor.

Ester has become quite skilled at handling the carriage now.

In the meantime, I listened to Ester reporting about the rare boss  that appeared in the late game.

It was lucky for them to have a rare boss appear at the unexpected timing but at the same time, it could have been unlucky.

Luckily, the situation didn't turn south for them, but it really made me wonder how they defeated the rare boss which is equivalent to higher rank dungeon boss.

Could it be that they fought fiercely, nearly facing a party wipeout but after lots of ups and downs, they finally smashed down the boss I awaited for the Ester to continue with bated breath.

Alas, the reality is often disappointing, as her reply was far more simpler than my imagination.

"Lulu is simply invincible when it's a lone enemy"



I subconsciously tried to imagine the boss battle and couldn't help but agree with her.

I'm absolutely sure Lulu should have applied her debuffs, weakening it to a pathetic degree and just like a helpless lamp, must be butchered without even being able to put up any resistance.

"The boss's unique skill, was it , was directly received by Lulu and Pamela without avoiding and it didn't even budge them a bit"

And when the boss was in stiff state from using its unique skill, Celestine scored a number of critical hits and under the barrage of attacks from other members, it didn't take long for  to disappear.

As strong as ever, .

I can see the growth of Lulu and others as they have gradually become accustomed to battles.

"Ah, the boss also dropped two .

Please appraise them later"

"Whaaat, you even got two gold chests!"

Crap, it's almost becoming hard to hold back my overflowing excitement.

A gold chest in the front and another gold chest in the back, I can wait to go back.

"We have arrived"

Holding back my excitement, we finally arrived at the deepest floor.

All right, it's the time to face the rare boss!


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