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"Sierra, Lana, are you all right"

"No problem"

"It nearly scared me, and some kind of unpleasant sweat is coming out"

Somehow, both of them safely made it out.

The two of them look all fine as they come out from the billowing dust and smoke.

Except that Lana's face looks a bit pale.

Now that I think about it, it was from her blunder in Bear-cum-anteater fight that she began to take boss targets seriously.

Maybe because of the full power bombardment, her usual cheerfulness seems to have vanished somewhere.

Sierra on the other hand is full of life with the aid of Lana's healing, not minding the brunt her HP has taken.

Her face looks as cool and prim as ever as if the full power bombardment of the gun's bulー, I mean shower of thorns earlier was a lie.

That's quite heroic to be honest.

I also want to try brushing off the thorns bombardment with an indifference expression.

"But, I'm really sorry.

I would have used my unique skill 


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