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The boss of  is , specialised in long range attacks.

A relatively weak boss among all the beginner-high grade dungeons, as long as you have prepared countermeasures against the long range attacks and poison, the boss is just a cakewalk due to its not so strong attacks and immovability.

The only weak point of this time raider's party is a tank like Rika who frequently used guard skills and mainly excels in close combat which doesn't go well with this boss.

That's why, Sierra will be playing the role of main tank in there party.

Although Rika and Karua are amazing in themselves, they still are not strong enough to fight a boss class opponent from beginner-high grade dungeons just with the two of them so we and Lana are also going to support them.

Rika is usually a tank but she can also play as attacker so she's taking the role of attacker this time.

As for Karua, she's also an attacker as usual.

With arrangement in order, we quickly challenge the boss but,

"Umm~~ that's so uneventful, isn't it"

The battle with the boss was in its mid phase but to be frank, it's such a leisure battle that I couldn't imagine us entering any sort of deadlock.

"Sierra's  is so pinpoint~"

The boss  mainly attacks with the range attack, AoE attacks and poison attribute attacks however poison is ineffective against Sierra, and ranged attacks are also out of range if you stay away from Sierra.

(*Sierra's skill attract opponents attack and pull them towards her)

The only choice for the boss survival since its range attack couldn't tickle Sierra was AoE attacks but even with them, her  easily prevented us from any damage, perfectly restraining the boss.

Sierra is too perfect of a tank.

Nothing could be more wonderful than such a lively and easy grind however I am now carving for a bit more thrill.

Oh, the boss summoned .


This time, Sierra perfectly blocked all 9 of them.

It was quite a mess when we were surrounded by them last time...

But the situation didn't take such a turn this time.

"! !"


 couldn't even surround us before they were blown up by Sierra's skills and overwhelming might.

Then they were quickly hunted by other attackers.

She even has the leeway to spare them for others.

And  who has even lost its trump card, was hit by our all out attack during our dilly-dallying and disappeared amidst the effect, granting a leisure victory to Rika and others.


But I don't think I even did much"

However, there was one human being who wasn't satisfied with such an easy boss battle and that person was the Princess of this country, Lana.

I also think i couldn't get enough kick of this battle but I quite pity the boss, being told it couldn't even serve as an appetizer despite our truancy.

Well, leaving the joke behind.

"No, well.

I do understand that feeling......

So what do you want me to do"

"Fufu, you guessed it , don't you Flute, use it"



Just, why in the world did I sense some kind of waves surging from Lana Was that Lana's innate Princess's authority

I don't think she needs to show it in this place though.

Nevertheless, I guess that's how she is unhappy with this battle huh.

"You know too, today's our last day! Shouldn't we be fighting a hardcore boss befitting of such occasions! Strongest boss on our last day!"

Today's the last day we can be exempt from classes and we have to formally take them from tomorrow.


Now that I think about it, Lana is right.

Last day should be a banger.

Though one use cost 500,000 Mir.

"Righto, let's use it!"

Thus I also agreed with Lana's proposal.

Just then, a shadow suddenly appeared beside us and stared sternly at us.

The shadow was Sierra.

"I wonder what might you guys be discussing so passionately Let me in too"


Her eyes definitely look like someone who has heard everything.

And her gaze is fastened to me, why

"What should I do if not to chide you for your actions Every single use of that flute drains 500,000 Mir, and who do you think will pay for that"



I understood what Sierra wanted to say.

Although the flute is my possession, if I use it X time for guild, the guild will be the one who shoulder that expense.

It's apparently in the same category as weapon's ammunition or arrows.

I didn't know anything about it until recently, it was Celestine who informed me of this.

Budget is the guild's community property.

It's naturally not good to use that for selfish purposes.

After all, it's everyone's money.

If one even opt to pay 500,000 Mir from guild's budget, they ought to pay even more than that.

We atleast have to earn one million absolutely since half of our income goes to guild and including the wages or bonus depending on member's contribution to guild, If we don't earn that part too, the guild budget would be in minus.

The minimum is to earn 1.2 million.

If we also take profit into account, the desirable would be 1.5 million Mir.

So we ought to earn at least 1.5 million Mir for one use and 12 million Mir for 8 uses of flute.

And so.

Approximately 200,000 - 250,000 Mir can be earned from one battle by selling all the materials and  gains of the rare boss of a beginner-high grade dungeon.

It sounds a perfect deal from numbers alone.

However, the flute doesn't have the 100% of summoning the rare boss too.

It would be a huge loss if 4 out of 8 uses turn out to be a miss.

The profit wouldn't be enough either even with 3 misses.

Though the appearance of  would make a great killing if it appears, but that will be depending on luck then.

Sigh, now that I think about it carefully, it doesn't sound like a good idea.

6 out of 8 success is kind of hard to think of.

"Sorry Lana.

Treat it as if we didn't talk about it"

"I wouldn't allow it"


What do you mean not allowing

"I will pay for Mir.

Then I don't think it should be any problem, no I don't spend much so I have quite a lot of saving"


Because the guild rules have made it mandatory to [purchase items for guild use with the guild budget].

If we're going to use whistle counts, that has to be in the guild budget."

There are some guild rules Celestine comes up with after a night's work.

At this point, even Lana will not have any option but to give up.

Or so I thought, but it didn't happen.

Instead, I could see Lana's eyes sparkling.

"Hmph~ I see.

But I'm going to use it! If there's such a rule, just tear it apart!"



I underestimated the former wilful princess.

She really came up with quite a novel idea.

This thought process isn't something we, commoners, can come up with and that's what I admire about her!

"I see.

Then let's go with this"

"Heavens, Sierra, you approved!"

What in the world is it! Someone please teach me in a language I can understand!

Is it really fine

"The point is the [squandering of money].

Guild budget is something like based on vote but if you don't recognise it, you can just pave the road by yourself only"

"Huh Something like that is fine"

Although it's something you bought but since you squander the money by yourself, the guild budget didn't go down.

It's a kind of penalty to make the party reflect upon his mistake but if you twist the facts, buying something personally is recognised by the guild.

So, it's really possible...

Isn't it a loophole

"You and I have the highest authority so if we don't accept it, they she can do so only by her money"

"I have the right to decide that! No, I almost forgot I'm a guild master"

So, the whim of Lana is passed unobstructed unexpectedly.

Having authority is amazing.

"Ahh, then I'm also going to pay Mir! So let's go and use the flute!"

Yatta! It's the beginning of the rare boss festival!

"Just reminding, but keep it in moderation, okay"

"Ye, Yes Mam!"

I replied with a trembling voice at Sierra's stern warning.


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