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"We truly couldn't achieve without splitting them up"


And the leadership skill, I didn't expect the situation to go so awry with just the enemies getting buff, I now understood  true forte lies in its group battle.

Now I understood Zephyr-sama's words, we really can't let it coordinate with others''

I was going to point them out in the evaluation meeting but the brain-cliche Celia and Shizu had already noted their shortcomings in the last battle.

It's nice to see them exchanging opinions.

I also had discussed my views, advice and so on with lots of players from  when I couldn't defeat an enemy or defeating it just took a hazardous amount of time.

Slowly but surely, that's how I build up skills and knowledge of .

I guess it might just be better to leave both of them on their own.

I will just give advice if I see any problematic habits.

And thus, I turn to face the remaining 3 people.

"Let's begin with Lulu"


"Hmm, fine reply as ever.

Have you figured out which step you took wrong in the last battle"

"Yes! I think I shouldn't have jumped in right at the beginning!"

"That's right.

It's nice that you have figured out your mistake on your own.

Directly jumping in the opponent's camp and going on rampage is indeed exciting and a heroic strategy.

However, that's based on the premise that you know how to handle that situation and don't get yourself in a battered situation like earlier.

Though, you can avoid such scenario the more you have understanding of your job"

The strategy of plunging straight ahead in the enemy camp and going on rampage is called  in .

This is a major tactic in simulation games etc where the first step is to throw a strong, tough or an agile unit in the enemy's camp and sweep away all the small fries.

An impressive strategy I say since it can crush the boss while the main force can take it easy and even have enough strength to spare.

But, that's on the premise that the unit throws in is overwhelmingly strong.

Lulu in the current battle wasn't able to pull such overwhelming strength since the gap between the fighting power shortened with the buffs on the enemies.

There's also the point that Lulu is still green in using skills.

It's essential in a strategy to make sure that the person is familiar with the  or not.

I want Lulu to learn more about her skills and also many tactics, strategies from here on.

Known as one of the almighty job, this job can do much more in so many places.

With all that said,  who hasn't even reached Lv40 has a long way ahead.

As the 4th strongest job in the official top jobs ranking, her combat power can go over the charts as long as she masters her control over skills.

I have to thoroughly raise the combat level of what's said to be the strongest job in the  category.

Next is Pamela.

"You were remarkable in this battle and there wasn't much problem with skill usage either, Pamela.

Furthermore, that target switch in the middle was splendid.

The only one who could restrain  at that moment was only Pamela and you did a good job.

I can say it wouldn't have been such a smooth sail without your help"

"Really-desu! Yayy-desu!"

"Try to use more skills later.

I can see you still can't bring much skills true potential"

"Eek, that's right-desu.

I still am not familiar with them"

Pamela upto now was in charge of protection from the shadow, and she has quite potential in this regard.

However, it also goes in contrast to the upfront boss battles and she still gets flustered when instructed to deal with the boss directly.

Her job role requires her to stand at the forefront of the battle like becoming the target, restraining the target or fighting from close proximity but in fact she just wants to support them from the shadows and protect them from there.

However since she has chosen , I want her to try her best in close combat.

For the time being, training is more important for her.

"For Celestine, I don't have anything to say.

Or rather, just teach me how the heck can you so wonderfully dodge despite having no evasion skill"

"I fear I may not be able to"

A smile could be seen on Celestine's face who can restrain 4 subordinates of boss by herself which to be honest, is really refreshing.

Are real butlers so amazing They are so incredible in reality.

After that, they have 7 more boss fights with the  with  skill.

I didn't give any specific instructions this time either and quietly watched the situation unfold.

I saw the girls trying multiple tactics with Shizu and Celia as the cornerstone.

Their coordination, which was stiff in the beginning, has also improvised a lot gradually and with each passing battle, their movements are getting more and more refined.

Hmm, Celestine by far is the most stable character of all.

Her role as an evasion tank is brilliant.

I very much want to know how she's so composed in an evasive tank role.

Pamela is not yet upto the task of handling 4 opponents by herself and Lulu too moving around to take the target, attacking them or applying debuff while going through lots of trials and errors.

However, even Lulu can't handle four opponents buffed with  skill yet.

The situation had even taken a dangerous note when  had jumped in between his 4 subordinates and they had to tackle them all at once.

This is the dangerous point of  skill.

Boss suddenly intercepts you when you are dealing with its subordinates.

Everyone was greatly shaken, however they somehow managed to break through with brute force.

The balance scale was so tipped in the favour of the boss monster that It wouldn't have been any strange for either of them to be left incapacitate for battle with one misstep.

This should have become a good lesson to them.

Afterwards too, they continued multiple trials and errors but in conclusion, Celestine would attract the target of subordinates while Pamela or Lulu would then focus on restraining the boss.

Shizu and Pamela, who has returned after the 7th battle, said so,

"It really seems impossible to not deal with them without splitting them.

Else the situation just get out of hand"

"To conclude, we can't defeat the  when its subordinates are beside it, no matter what route we take.

We could only focus on taking down the subordinates first.

I also consent to split them away to defeat the subordinates quickly, lest  cut in suddenly.

This time lesson is enough"

"That's right.

We first should begin with defeating the weak enemies.

It's a common practice but it's the basic of basics.

This times battle was a good encouragement"

I can feel Celia's self-conceitedness has considerably mellowed.

The fact that just the change of one strategy can put them in a pinch seems to have firmly engraved in her heart.

"I think it's about time to have lunch.

Shall we go, Zephyr-sama"


Have a rest for now.

Shizu, go ahead"

Shizu gave a polite bow, moved to the safety area and began to take out various items of the  and began the preparation.

The preparation for breakfast was over in the blink of an eye with the addition of Celestine, Pamela and even Shizu.

Though, Celia stood by my side for some reason.

"Is it okay for you to be here"

"I shouldn't hinder them"

Huh, what did she mean

"We are done, Zephyr onii-sama! Lulu also helped you know!"

"A, Ahh.

Lulu is amazing"

The preparation was over while I was puzzled over the mysterious reply in my head as Lulu came to inform me, bouncing and leaping like a bunny.

How should I say, her antics make an awfully soothing sight.

Lunch was stew, which Shizu had prepared beforehand.

The taste was superb too when eating with white bread.

"Shizu's craftsmanship is excellent"

"Fufu, I'm quite confident when it comes to cooking"

Wow, it's a rare sight for Shizu to actually boast about herself.

But she does have every point to feel proud about it.

As the stew is mouth melting delicious! Could this be the real power of a maid!

I couldn't stop my hands from moving and it was finished in jiffy.

I wonder if she will make it again if I request

The lunch time was over amidst my wistful thinking and we entered to resume the boss grind.

It's always nice to exercise after eating.

"Shall we begin the round with an initial strategy"

I nodded at Shizu's question.


The goal is already achieved.

Now I want you to go all out to achieve our today's goal, Lv30"

Battle with the  with  skill certainly becomes a good practice partner but that being said, it takes time to defeat it.

There's no way to reach our today's goal at this pace.

"Understood", said Shizu and just then, Celia raised her voice looking at the entrance of the 14th floor.

"Ohh, the carriage, Ester seems to have returned"


I turned to look and saw , now  coming here.

So, It's already time for the shift huh.

"Zephyr-dono, thank you for waiting"

"It's fine, we just finished our Lunch.

So I didn't wait.

Rather, thanks for your help Ester.

It helps us"

Actually, I was supposed to meet up at Rika and Karua's party.

So, Ester was planning to take over my position by looking over them.

From the battles so far, all 5 of the new members have also become quite better at fighting, and it doesn't seem a lack of healer would cause them any trouble either.

That's why, I was supposed to return one step earlier.


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