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Cut, slash, kill.

Whoa, a real dungeon is super fun! I was already addicted to the real version of [Dun-life].

As soon as you see the Mochi you run forward and kill it before it can run away.

It was exhilarating! I’ll say it again real dungeons are super fun!

“Alright let’s change, Zephyrus come take Hannah’s place.”

The time passed by quickly and suddenly my fun was over.

But at least I can check the loot now I guess.

Let’s see, rice, rice cake, corn, wheat, barley….it’s all grains!

“I’ll do my best!”

“Don’t try too hard.”

Hannah’s job was [Alchemist] and she possessed 0 attack skills.

Moreover she was barely 140cm tall and looked at least 2 years younger than she was.

To put it clearly, Hannah was a loli.

In other words, the teacher was worried.

“Should I get an attack skill after all”

“U-hm no, well try it like this first and if it doesn’t work out well think of something, after all Zephyrus didn’t use any skills either.”

Hannah was watching my fights from before, plus her opponent was a mochi..

Just relax and watch Mrs.


“Ok I’m going! Hyaaa!”

Hannah shouted in a cute voice and swung her two handed mace in a beautiful gold swing with no hesitation.



Philis sounded surprised as Hannah’s mace connected with the mochi sending it sailing down the corridor.

Rice was dropped.

“Nice shot!”

“I did it!”

I high five her when she came back and with that Hannah’s first fight was finished.

“Wait! Nice shot What just happened!”

The sight that Mrs.

Philis saw was unbelievable.

But it couldn’t be helped since Hannah is a loli, normally a small girl would be hesitant about killing something.

Maybe not just a small girl but a young girl in general But not matter how you look at her Hannah looks as though she has no business being in a fight.

Although when it comes to Hannah, she has more kills than I do, by an overwhelming majority.

That’s right, Hannah is a Slime killer.

Since she had the alchemy bracelet she was able to do slimepop at any time.

And it seems like she continued without me.

Doing it over and over again until her room was nearly filled with 150,000 small Magic stone drops.

She explained it by saying she often used magic stones in alchemy so she wanted to make sure she had a good supply of them.

That’s why Mochi, who looked like her familiar punching bag, stood no chance.

When I first met her she wasn’t able to move in the face of a slime….

What have I done Although it’s good she has a lot of magic stones, she’ll be able to produce lots of things once I make a guild.

So let’s look at this positively and take advantage of her addiction.

In the end I gave some excuse because I couldn’t explain slimepop to Mrs.

Philis as Hannah, my childhood friend of two weeks, fixed me with a terrifying glare.

May God have mercy on my soul.

After that Hannah took the lead and Mrs.

Philis soon got used to her.

And in that way the firdt floor of the tutorial dungeon was soon completed.

“23 drops, shall we get something to eat once we go back”

The only monster in the tutorial dungeon was Mochi, and the drops were all food items.

As expected of a world where all the resources come from a dungeon.

Of course the staple foods are also from monster drops.

In the game most of these items were sold but in the real [Dun-life] I get hungry.

So it may be worth reviewing drop items.

Some of the items I deemed as worthless may turn out to be useful after all…

Hahaha, I’m looking forward to what will come next!


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