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“Weapon shop ke~ep, lunch box delivery!”

“Oh, if it isn’t Zephyrus, thank you.

I was careless.”

The goal is to meet the requirements for the job so the first thing I did was deliver a lunch box to the weapons shop.

The lunch box I handed over had a pretty floral design that didn’t match the strict square faced old man at all.

Well the person I delivered it for was his wife so I’m sure the lunch box was filled with love, I actually a little jealous.

I waited for what would come next as the man took his lunch with a happy expression on his face.

“So Zephyrus, you’re already 16 right Are you going to the academy”

“Yeah, I’m scheduled to leave tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow! That’s quite sudden! Well… I guess it is that season.”

Tapping himself on the head with one hand as if to convince himself he pulled a long item out from under the counter.

“Well then, as a going away present.

Why don’t you take this with you, it’s my old sword but it should still have a few more swings left in it.”

Pulling away the cloth wrapped around it the shop keep held up a simple long sword.

The reason for my doing this little side quest was in fact the reward, Aka, the sword.

I smiled as everything happened like I expected it too.

“Thank you sir, that’s a huge help, I’ll be able to defeat tons of monster’s with this!”

“No problem! But in exchange make sure you promote my shop!”

“Oh, well then, would you mind taking this over to the armor shop for me It would be a big help since I can’t leave my store right now.”

“No problem, leave it to me.”

I said as the old man pulled another parcel put from under the shelf and at the same time an announcement went off in my head.

I smiled internally at how easy it was to accept the side quests as I left the weapon shop.

In the game the initial day was set up as a sort of tutorial and to progress three of the ten available side quests had to be completed.

And then for story progression you have to enroll in the academy and get a job.

Anyway continuing with the side quests, I left the weapon shop holding the parcel and made my way to the armor shop.

The directions hadn’t changed since I’d last been here in the game so there was no chance I’d get lost.

Ahhh the landscape looked so good in real life compared to a computer screen.

Even as busy as I was being impressed by my surroundings I still properly entered the armor shop in interest of completing the quest.

“Alright, got a sword and a shield, now, on the the next one.”

With the tension still high, I headed to the forest near the village.

All of the normal side quests take place in the village but the one that I want is a hidden quest outside the village.

One of the most important events in is this hidden even outside the starter village.

It’s important because by completing this hidden event the amount of jobs you can choose from increase.

This game has so many Job types it’s crazy, and no you can’t just pick what ever job catches your fancy first.

Although there is quite a few jobs that require certain conditions to be met.

Like [knight] requires you to have a sword and certain skills, or [beast user] requires a high affinity to animals.

When it comes to the job requirements you have various options of how to fulfill them, different quests and side quests.

For instance completing the [combat training] side quest would fulfill the requirement of having a sword and skills for it.

Just for becoming a [knight] I can remember roughly 200 different quests and side quests to fulfill the jobs requirements.

This hidden quest is also to fulfill a condition because on my very first playthrough when I got to the job choosing I cried because I couldn’t make a certain selection.

Ever since then I’ve made sure to always complete this quest.

This is actually a special event quest to fulfill the requirements for a rare job.

I entered the forest and waiting until a high pitched scream rang out from deep into it.


Alright! The quest appeared! I shouted out triumphantly as I ran towards the source of the screams.


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