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May 1st.

In some people's mouths, it's said to be the day where their fate would be sealed and in others, it's akin to judgement day.

For the reason is, if the day passes by even a minute, the student's job section, who still has to acquire any job, will be forcefully changed to .

For better or for worse, today's the day they must make a choice.

People also call this day the last appraisal day.

It's not only students, even the academy seems to be awfully busy for the day which will influence students' lives.

The whole staff is getting ready for job appraisal and upperclassmen, whom all classes are cancelled for today, are flurrying to support the staff.

Many venues have been prepared for this specific day and all first year non-job holders are asked to present in the venue by at least 8:00 p.m.

That's where job's appraisal will be performed.

The time limit of 8 p.m is given because there are some students who will otherwise lose themselves in searching for jobs till the last moment and appears when the day is just about to change.

As a matter of fact, there have been a number of tragedies where the appraisal venue was jammed packed by the students who thought the same thing in the past, which resulted in several hundreds of students acquiring  for not being able to make up in time.

Ever since then, a time limit of 8 p.m.

has been imposed on the students and a penalty is given to those selfish pricks who don't make it in time.

They have even prepared countermeasures such as students handbooks will buzz constantly to remind them of this and for those students who couldn't move, are sleeping or those who have weak constitution, would be delivered  by staff or upperclassmen.

Staff or upperclassmen themselves are running around in the academy with the motto [Come hell or high water, there shouldn't be any  only].

All in all, it's a very busy day.

And of course, not only for staff, it's also a hectic day for students.

Whether thier hardcore pay off or not, thier future will all depends on today's result.

This pressure by no means can be compared to the university's admission.

In literal terms, their life will depend on today's appraisal.

They wouldn't even have the option to redo.

(Actually, they can.

The career job......


Freshmen have done all they could do in this one month.

For those who didn't give their all will receive low rank jobs and even worse, those who have slacks off will receive .

Conversely, those who have put in a bone breaking effort will at be able to get a mid rank job, so most first years usually don't slack off.

Many freshmen have already formed a long line in the morning, envisioning their life from there on.

All are those who didn't back down at the face of any adversary and keep paving their path for their targeted job.

They all have equally serious expressions on their faces.

And overlooking them from a distance were two men, one looking old and one past his prime.

"I like how the look on everyone's eyes, as energetic as past years"

"Indeed! This year students were even more fierce in their training compared to previous years, seemingly triggered by the appearance of a certain someone! They naturally looks more resolute"

"It wouldn't be possible without you, a great part of this is thanks to you who revealed the prerequisite for a high rank job, am I wrong, Miston"

"Fuhahaha! Well there's that, but of course, the appearance of promising guilds like  or  didn't influence them any less.

No matter the era, only a fellow coeveal can ignite the flame of motivation in his fellow coeveal!"

That's right, on one hand is the Dean Vandam of , who with his long beard and old look, can easily be mistaken as Santa Claus.

And the man past his prime next to him is the research institute head of National dungeon academy.

He's currently the man of hour, for his achievement of elucidating some prerequisite of the high rank job, and for helping many students achieve it.

He's Miston, and also a self-proclaimed handsome man.

", and the .

Never did I expect the storm called  to affect this academy to this extent."


I guess that's what they called heaven above heaven.

The conditions for a high rank job he imparted to us in a roundabout way, monster subjugation, sub jobs details, jobs system, routes concept and so on, there's just so many things he has taught to us I can't explain.

However all the research institute staff do agree on one thing, it was like they have gotten several steps closer to the truth after being exposed to his knowledge.

Compared to him, us researchers are like side characters! Hahaha"

"It's also thanks to his kindness that we can laugh about it.

He really makes my old mind wonder how he get that knowledge"

"That's the best part about it! I investigated his background and the result, he was just a normal village kid you can find anywhere.

Nothing special to mention, neither was he a kid who ever exhibited any kind of research tendency.

I dare say, his perception power might just be special out of other humans.

Or to say, it could be the intangible influence of "

" effect huh......


Whether the  truly has the intangible effect of paving the path for others, guiding them or not, Vandam doesn't know, but he does think the possibility of this is extremely high.

If that's not the case, it's simply out of question that an ordinary village boy could make such an upheaval in the prestigious National dungeon academy, which has been continuing to exist for several hundreds of years already.

"Don't you have something else to ask too I absolutely want to take a peek at the knowledge of the "

"It's not that we don't have it.

We just don't have the capacity to catch up with that knowledge right now, as unfortunate as it may be.

The information he has imparted to us is already so enormous that researchers haven't even digested it.

The knowledge of  is just that much impactful.

We would need a huge amount of time along with many others who have at least fundamental knowledge around that part before we could finally catch up with that"

"So much......


Vandam groaned, after realising just how enormous the knowledge  has brought forth.

Well, his groaning isn't unjust.

Right now, the national dungeon academy is welcoming the flood of researchers or scholars scattered all over the Shiyatona kingdom.

And that influence is merely from uncovering some conditions about a high rank job.

And why Vandam couldn't help himself groaning is at the fact that not even the researchers or scholars from all over the kingdom have the capacity of accepting the next stage of information.

The most terrifying aspect of this phenomenon is all this information was received from an hour chat with .

And after listening to it, there's also a need for time to digest and decipher all the information.

Although he's very much curious about what kind of person  is and the information he possesses, it's very much important to not carelessly ask him about it.

It's not something easily resolved just by increasing the personal.

The colossal amount of information first of all can only be received by those who have a great understanding and knowledge about jobs.

Dean Vandam took a sigh and decided to refrain from approaching the  until they are in the state to accept any more information.

Besides, there are also the eyes of the king watching over.

He doesn't want to cause a blunder and provoke that side.

It's fortunate that he's only observing for now.

After summing this, Vandam changes the topic.

"What might be the number of students who can gain high rank jobs this year according to your estimation"

"I can't say anything concrete but 20% should be set in stone for sure.

In combat jobs alone, nearly 40% students will be able to get high rank jobs.

But production or other types of jobs are less likely to appear as high rank.

Or maybe defeating a monster condition is only limited to battle oriented jobs.

There's mountain of things we have yet to uncover after all"


Besides, look at your face now, you seem much brighter now.

Compared to your previous smoke stained appearance, that's a complete reversal"

"Oops, now you're making me embarrassed.

But it's thanks to him that I regained my past passion.

If anything, I feel indebted to him.

I am going to give my all!"

"Good for you, Miston.

Also, Do your best.

I am anticipating your next research"


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