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This isn't a good match for their jobs.

Even the way of using skills is wrong."


I think Pamela used  too many times."

Currently, Shizu and Pamela are fighting against their first boss monster, .

Me and Ester are watching them fighting from the safety area while sipping on our tea.

Only in the low grade dungeon can one watch or hear boss battles.

However the situation inside was anything but calm.

"Woah! Why is it aiming at Shizu again-desu! Wait-desu!"

"What are you doing Pamela! Tightly restraint him! !"



"Ahh! It's not stopping at all! Shizu, it escaped again-desu!"

"Huh, what!"



The boss began to chase after Shizu when Pamela failed to restrain it.

Shizu is desperately running away for her life.

I turn to look at Ester seeing their antics,

"Weren't the escorts of a Princess supposed to be excellent"


I don't have anything to say in defense.

It's also unexpected for me.

They usually act as excellent followers and guards."

Ester also looks ashamed of her colleague's flustered appearance.

Well, I know I shouldn't put their usual task and boss monster fight on the same level but I wasn't expecting this either, so forgive me.

Rethinking about it, Ester was also quite clumsy in her action when fighting against the boss for the first time, though she wasn't as bad as the current situation.

I simply assumed it was because she's not used to spears but now seeing that, now it seems it was due to her inexperience in fighting against monsters in the first place.

After seeing Sierra’s flawless execution during her first battle, I assumed Ester and others should have practiced at their home but it turned out it was their first time.

Clumsy actions are obvious in that case.

I can only say Sierra is a prodigy who is flawless from the beginning.

Maybe, we might also have been pushed into such an embarrassing situation if not for the perfect Sierra in our first boss fight.

Because if I don't remember wrong, Lana mistakenly used the starting buff at the beginning.

Speaking of which, this is the first time I'm watching over another party fighting a boss, so this is probably a normal scene in first battles.

"Shall we help them"


Let's try to give them some advice first, we will save them afterwards if it doesn't work out"


We can enter and defeat the boss with a snap anytime but that wouldn't benefit those two then.

Well, this is their first time.

So it's not entirely bad for them to experience this.

I began to give them advice from the safety area.

"Hey Pamela! Attract the aggro of the boss first! And don't use ! First use the  skill! And Shizu! Suspend your attacks for the time being and just focus on running away, your attacks are generating too much aggro!"

The crux of their current dilemma is failure to control aggro.

There are many beginners who haven't understood the concept of aggro yet.

Although if you just look at their jobs, their team seemed to be heavily leaning on the attack side with Shizu being the rear guard attacker and Pamela being evasion attacker, Pamela is a  which can also act as evasion tank.

Originally, it's preferable for Pamela to be at the forefront while Shizu focuses on attacking it.

However, the situation instead went downhill with Pamela overusing  which lowers boss aggro towards her, making it change its target to rearguard attacker, Shizu.

Shizu's defense is quite low since she attacks from range.

She's a maid.

She can handle it for some time but bearing the brunt of boss attack for a period of time will leave her unable to fight.

Pamela first has to attract its aggro towards her to break the current deadlock.

"Got it-desu! !"

This is a taunt skill of .

It just sparkles the effect to attract the attention of the target.

However, the boss didn't turn to Pamela just with that alone.

Seems like Shizu has attracted quite a good amount of its aggro.

"Pamela, use the  again when the skill cooldown ends! Its target should be able to turn towards you by then.

Do your best to run away, Shizu!"

"Easy for you to say! Kyaa!"

That's it.

Shizu is coming out of her protective shell.

I can feel that she's acting more and more like true self.

"Skill's cooldown is about to end-desu! Endure it for a bit more Shizu-desu!"

"Encircle Rooooar!"

The target of the boss finally shifted to Pamela after using taunt skill again.

"Time to avoid it! 


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