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The last floor.

From the 1st floor till the last, it takes around 30 minutes to arrive.

So it's as much as 3 minutes per floor.

The carriage really didn't let her down.

It's more so amazing because Ester was only driving at low speed.

I'm already excited to see how short it can go once Ester becomes skilled in manipulating it.

We are now in front of the boss room in the  dungeon.

The opponent is a bear-ish (bear-cum-anteater) looking monster.

It's called the weakest boss among all the beginner dungeons in  and also the first trial for beginners.

Lulu and others overcame this trial yesterday.

The Lv of Shizu and Pamela has increased by 1 with their hunting on the 1st floor, reaching Lv 11.

It should be tough for them to go solo yet, but that should be a breeze if they fight together.

Their equipment is also quite excellent.

So, I'm going to have them show their abilities first.

I put the carriage in the item bag.

The  skill doesn't work against the boss, though more like, it's useless against them.

Noticing Ester was a bit sad as I stored the carriage, she isn’t subtle at all.

I guess that's how much she has come to like it, even though I would take it out quickly.

This is the fruit of hard work.

"Shizu, Pamela.

Are you guys ready"

"Yes, you can start anytime."


Both of them took out their weapons in response to my confirmation and nodded.

Let's showcase both of those weapons.

The first one is  Shizu.

For the time being, I will put aside the jab of whatever the hell is a battle maid.

Huh, I can't do that Explanation needed

I see, then let's explain about the job now that there's a chance.

If Celestine's  is a combat butler, then Shizu's  is a combat maid.

It's as literal as it says.

Fundamentally, the normal  job is placed among the mid-rank and it's completely a support job with all skills being totally unrelated to battle but in contrast to that, around 70% of those skills changed to combat one in .

As a matter of course, it's ranked in the middle of high ranking jobs.

They are the type of attackers who can assume the role of scout, fighting in the dungeon and to a considerable extent in guild battle.

There are two main training methods, depending on which weapon you use.

When speaking about , the first thing that comes to my mind is guns.

In response to the populace voice,  have properly implemented the gun and magic gun system.

They are mainly used in a job called .

The Gun category relies on physical marksmanship while the magic gun relies on magic marksmanship.

There was quite a heated discussion among the players of , it was about if guns should exist in the fantasy world or not, but they were accepted as normal weapons ultimately because whether it's the shock or anything, they are being all sucked away by HP and bullets don't pierce either.

By the way, like the game, the bullet flies at a speed that can be seen by naked eyes.

Even if you get hit, it will not leave any scar.

It's a safety mechanism where younger players can also shoot.

[ ※  is a game with target age B (Above 12 year)]

And the second one is a hammer.

I don't know why it's a hammer for the maids but for some bizarre reason, mop or the deck brush a Maid-san uses are classified as a hammer.

If they select this path, a Maid-san sweeps away the monster saying [Cleaning Time], which in fact is just bashing them with mops etc with all their might and defeating them.

The players were made to accept this by simply explaining [It's simply the battle maid style cleaning.

The supreme way to clean] in the game.

Most likely, everyone thought that if it's a maid, anything is fine.

(I don't exactly get it though)

Advancing on the gunner path relies on  while the hammer path relies on , so it's very much important to choose the one you want from the beginning else your SUP will just go down the drain if you want to change style in the middle, so be careful!

Going back to Shizu, she’s carrying stylish guns in both of her hands.

I don't know much about the guns in detail but they look like assault rifles.

That's quite matching for a .

So she has chosen the gun route.

Well this is reality.

So there shouldn't be any  choosing the mop or deck brush.

This is mostly to troll….

Continuing, the next one is Pamela.

So let's begin with explaining about her job .

This is also another high ranking job in  category, ranking in the middle of top jobs.

Rather, a  itself is only a high ranking one and all the two routes are simply classified as  for men and  for women.

As for why it's like that.....

Only the god of this game (developers) know.

I can bet that there’s not much meaning to it..

 mainly have support system jobs as a main but  are scouts who can also fight.

Incidentally, it's impossible to learn this job if you're not under the category of a .

 mains on scouting, they can do anything beginning from sensing the enemy, trap detection, disabling, re-use them and so on.

In the battle, they mainly participate as evasion attackers.

The skills of the  category can lower the hate of the enemy, transfer the target to another target, so no matter how much they attack, the hate levels will never increase too much.

Furthermore, with the emergency evasion skills such as ,  or , it's a strong job that makes it easier to survive even against general attacks or range attacks.

Their affinity with tanks is also high.

It can also be used as a sub-tank with the hit and run tactics and quite easier to switch the job with the main tank if the hate meter is kept in check, so it's a versatile job and similar with the , weapons are also divided into two categories.

First is a sickle.

This method of fighting uses a heavy sickle attached to the chain as their main weapon and knives or kunai, etc.

as sub weapons.

Because they mainly attack from a mid range, they can easily fight while focusing on evasion.

However, the disadvantage is that their skill power is low instead.

The second weapon is the Katana.

The so-called Ninja sword.

The blades of their sword are straight, unlike the Katana with curved blades Rika uses.

Ninja swords or katanas are not particularly classified into different categories in the game, so both of them belong to the same  category, ’s can equip whichever style they like.

Though one part of players vehemently refused to accept this setting and equipped  for  and  for .

On the basis that it's more cool and it matches that way.

Players could take screenshots in the game so they were quite fussy about that part.

In fact, I also tried to match as much as possible, and even asked for  many times.

Anyway, it's a close combat style that can be judged from the weapon.

Their skills  and  are awfully cool.

This route skills are pretty strong and outstanding but its disadvantage is the number of skills are quite low and it's hard to focus on evasion due to the nature of fighting in close combat.

They can also use shuriken for hit-and-run tactics.

Both weapons have their advantages and disadvantages and both are good but it seems Pamela has chosen Katana.

She is carrying two ninja swords on her back.

Twin ninja sword style sounds cool!

I remember how cute she looked giggling when I subconsciously blurted out my impressions.

Pamela also seems to like this style and that's why she arranged the ninja swords.

I guess this is a sign we are getting along better.

"We will be going then"

"Just wait to look at our majestic figures-desu!"

I waved my hand and saw them off who passed through after saying that.

Then I will do as they say, watching over their majestic figure as they proclaimed.

"Ester, you and those two are colleagues right What do you think about their abilities"

"Let's see.

They are impressive with their body movements.

Especially Pamela who is agile and can also conceal her presence, and act as hidden escort.

Shizu should have been a maid that accompanied Lana-sama but I wonder why she suddenly became like this.

The cause is......

ahh, pardon me, I can't tell you that."

"A secret, huh.

Are there special circumstances or something"


No, there's no deep mean一,You don't need to worry about this.

一一I just can't say that she come to accompany us because she cherished Lana-sama too much (mumble)."

" Did you say something in the end I couldn't hear you very well."


Anyway, it will also be my first time seeing them fighting after they have chosen their jobs."

"Oh, got it.

Thank you for telling me, Ester"

"I don't mind.

You can always ask me if there's something you want to know."

"I will be relying on you then."

When I shifted my gaze again to the boss room after asking Ester, both of them were just about to face the boss .

It's time to begin the battle.


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