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After setting up the party with Pamela, etc.

in the guild, I taught them our guild's customarily strongest training theory.

After both of them confirmed it with Ester, they immediately decided to adopt this method.

Although both of them have wasted a part of SP like Celestine, they didn't take anything that might pose an obstacle in future advancement, fortunately.

They followed through the strongest training theory by me from there and amended a part of their notes while discussing with them.

They also have good affinity with some skill so I revised this based on that fact.

In the meantime, Lana's party has left for the upper grade dungeon and Sierra's party for lower grade dungeon.

We will also leave as soon as we're ready.

That's why we also quicken our pace.

I, along with Ester and the two new members, Pamela and Shizu, set off to one of the low-grade dungeons, .

Both of our new members have already passed the  but this is the first time they have come to a beginner low grade dungeon.

They followed us with slight restlessness so I slowed down to match with their pace and passed through the gate slowly.

We proceeded while I gave Shizu and Pamela a lecture about the correct way to deal with monsters and after we finally arrived at a large spacious area, I took out the  from the item bag.

"T–th–this is….

It's quite a luxurious carriage!"

"Ohhh! Are we going to race in the dungeon-desu!"

"I have heard about the details from Zephyr-dono but it's even more magnificent than I had imagined.

But… I don't have experience in driving a carriage.

I'm worried I might hurt you by chance."

Everyone seems surprised at the sudden appearance of a luxurious carriage.

Shizu is the most surprised of all.

Pamela is looking at it with sparkling eyes while Ester seems to be concerned about the risks of injury.

"Your worry is unfounded, Ester.

After all, this carriage is specifically made for defeating the boss.

In fact, just crash in them."

"No, that's why.

Are we really going to do this Unlike the charge attack, I feel the resistance to assaulting with the carriage is......


"It's fine.

Just ram them with it."



I’ll get used to it."

When I give a thumbs up to Ester, I feel her resigning herself to something.

That's the main attraction of the carriage.

's category equipment are indestructible in the .

Not to say it's also impossible to topple the carriage no matter how much you recklessly crash it and the people inside will not feel anything either.

Because all the shocks are mitigated by the wearer HP.

That means, In our case, Ester's HP will bear the brunt of crash damage, decreasing her HP.

Let's prepare lots of potions for her.

When I left my spot to check around the carriage, I saw Shizu and Pamela approaching Ester.

My occupational disease flares in by seeing that and I strained my ear to quietly eavesdrop.


Zephyr-sama is quite a lively person, isn't he Is he always like that"

"He's even more playful that I imagined-desu"


That's right.

He always pulls bizarre antics like this.

If I have to say, Lana-sama and Zephyr-dono seem like a cut from the same cloth."

"I still haven't accepted him regarding that.

I will definitely hand down retribution to him if he ever causes Lana-sama to lose her cheerfulness, even if he's that legendary ."

"Shizu, you're quite radical-desu.

I think it's fine to just observe normally-desu."

"Yes, I think they might actually be a match for each others"

"Like I'm saying, I still haven't accepted .

That would be troublesome if they indeed are a match."

Just what in the world they are talking about

I am assuming they are talking about me since the world  is frequently coming out but Ester is facing the opposite side so I can't hear well.

Why will be they trouble if I'm match with something

I feel bad when they are still discussing but since it seems to be about me, I think it wouldn't hurt to ask


What are you talking about"

"It's nothing.

If you have checked, I'm coming then."

"I see...

Then Pamela and Shizu also come to try, I'm sure you will be surprised by the interior''

A secret.

It can't be helped as I only have a few contacts with Pamela and Shizu.

So they shouldn't be comfortable talking with me.

Maybe I have to increase communication between us to remove any barriers.

Carriage interior might serve as a better icebreaker.

"This is......


Is the space inside widened"


This is the effect of  and .

The size has been increased quite a bit compared to how it looks from the side so one can even sleep inside comfortably.

Even I was surprised when I looked at it first time"

I nodded to Ester's query and explained.

The size has been slightly increased so that all members can lodge inside because of the size reformation effect from enchanted  and  effect.

Thanks to this, around 7 people can easily sleep inside without any problem in contrast to how the carriage space looks from outside.

"What's this"

"A box-desu Can I look inside-desu"

"This is an .

It's Lv3 so it's capacity is also quite large.

Though, it doesn't have anything inside for now"

Being a maid she was, as soon as Shizu boarded the carriage, she began to check the seat's texture, gaps between the objects, Inside the seats various other aspects.

I wonder if she's ascertaining that there's no dangerous object inside

In that process, she seemed to have found the item box and looked curious, so I also explained about it.

Incidentally, this is also my first time seeing an item box in reality so I'm also checking it together.

"Ohhh! It disappeared as soon as I put it inside-desu!"

"Ahh, is there such a function Let me try it too.."


This is quite fun-desu!"

"Yeah! Rather, it looks quite thrilling, feeling like even your body might fall in it!"

I also scurried to check it out seeing how fun Pamela was having.

Instead of my hand touching the bottom of the box, it instead disappeared inside.

It doesn't seem to have a bottom and with how wide the box opening is, I feel like even my body might fall down in it.

My god, isn't it quite amazing

"Living beings shouldn't be able to enter inside.

I think you will be repelled if you're about to fall"

"Ahh, I almost forgot that.

You will receive some damage if I do.

No Wait, maybe I should experience it once"


I would recommend not doing it.

Besides, it's uncool."

"Oh, well no point in trying if it's not cool."

I remember the similar setting in the game .

The devil inside me was luring me to try it since I couldn't actually try it at the game due to the regulation but stopped hearing Shizu's words.

I like to make an effort to have fun and enjoyment but not at the cost of having girls saying it's unsightly or uncool.

It mostly depends on time and place.

After frolicking around for a while, it was about time for us to depart.

"Are you ready Ester Proceed cautiously in the start.

I will teach you so just relax, you will soon become familiar after learning the .

We can charge at monsters after that"


I will do it my best."

Ester took the driver seat while I sat next to her.

We are going to begin with her driving around here to become familiar with the controls so I decided to let Shizu and Pamela hunt in the meantime.

Ester pulled the reins and the  finally started.


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