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The day our dungeon grind was over.

And with May just 2 days away, the first year students we passed by seemed to be on edge.

Since May 1st is the fateful day and also a deadline for them.

It is the day when students enrolled in the academy this year will have their job appraised for the 2nd and final time.

In contrast to the job appraisal event last time after the entrance ceremony where you had the option to put your job selection [on hold], you must decide on a job and reserving your option isn't feasible by either means.

In case they haven't made up their mind, they will be forcefully awakened the [Beginner] job.

[Beginner] is also known as : [Forever Novice] or [Abandoned Person].

SUP - 8

Number of skill - 0

Unique skill - Escape

Nothing more nothing less, it's something that goes beyond misfortune.

It's a tough nut to crack if they want to change their job because not only do they have to raise their job  Lv to 15, they also must use  (Rare).

That's why the people of this world will take any job by the absolute deadline, even if it's a bottom feeder job.

I wonder if the culprit behind why the people of this world tend to avoid  is 

That being said, it's a bygone thing for us who have already chosen their jobs and our guild  is operating as usual.

In other words, we are going to an attack dungeon today as well.

Though, let's introduce the last two members before diving now that all the members have finally gathered together.

"Good morning, Zephyr-sama.

I deeply apologize for my inability to attend due to an urgent matter.

I will be in your care from now on."

"I will be in your carecare-desu!"

Two more members, also Lana's followers, were in the guild room in unusual outfits.

The first one who gave a polite greeting who was dressed in a long Victorian maid outfit is Shizu, who has a  job.

In addition to her being as tall as Sierra, her body is nearly as developed as Ester which makes it hard to not let your gaze wander down and appear rude.

Especially her chest.

The symbol of  categorisation for females is a ribbon and for males, it's a bow tie.

The red ribbon increases her charm which makes my eyes unconsciously gaze downward.

A fearsome foe, in various ways.

She has brown eyes, same as her hair and the maid headband on her head very much suits her.

Continuing, the next person who greeted us cheerfully with a foreign accent and was dressed in a pink ninja costume is Pamela, a .

She has a slender figure with her slightly shorter height close to Karua.

She looks just as beautiful as a doll with her blonde hair.

Even Lulu, who is a stuffed toy enthusiast, has quite a reaction looking at her.

That's how adorable she looks.

And her foreign accent just increases her charm even more!

She's a shinobi but she doesn't seem to give off any shinobi vibes at all.

I heard that Shinobi's are called ninjas recently.

Both of them are the last 2 members of .

They’ve already acquired high ranking jobs even before I could offer them job options and seem to be at Lv10.

They were Lv2 when I interviewed them and it has been almost 10 days since then, they must have done their best during their spare time to raise Lvs till a 10.

"Don't fret.

It can't be helped if you have some business, I have also heard about it from Lana.

Let's do our best from now on!"


Excellent spirit.

And seeing that timing is optimum, I tried asking Pamela a question I was itching to know.

"So, is Pamela a foreigner Your way of speaking is quite peculiar."

In my game database, no other country has appeared so far.

Anything happening was all bound to be in the Shiyatona kingdom.

"It's my quirk-desu!"

I almost fell down.

So it's just character creation.

No wait, creating a character in the game was normal.

It's not unusual to see others getting too much in their role.

So, I think it's fine Well, it should be.

"I see.

It might be abrupt for you but we have the plan to dive into the dungeon today too, what about you two"

"I will follow of course.

We both by all means want to tag along to raise our level.

We have already received a detailed explanation about the guild's activity from Celestine, so Zephyr-sama doesn't have to worry.

We are all prepared."

"I also want to join you guys-desuu! I will raise my level in a flash and protect Lana-sama-desu!"

I nodded in satisfaction at their response and turned to Lana.

"They are good girls, aren't they"

"Indeed, they are quite unique...

Honestly, I very much want to throw a welcome party now that all the new and founding guild members have finally gathered but classes will begin in 3 days, and it will leave us one less day for dungeon dive.

So unfortunately, we will be focusing on raising our level for three days from today!"

When I declined, Sierra stepped forward.

"Very well, let's announce the allocation of members."

Yesterday's night, I met with Sierra who had just returned as I was nearing Marie-senpai's place, so we had discussed it beforehand.

Sub-guild master Sierra announces the split as she unravels the memo in her hands.

Members allocation are :

Zephyr, Ester, Shizu and Pamela

Challenging the beginner low grade  dungeon.

Hannah, Sierra, Celestine, Lulu and Celia.

Challenging the beginner low grade 


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