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“Did you do it”

“Yeah, just like you said.

Do I really not need to learn combat skills”

“No no, you don’t need it.

[Alchemist] isn’t a combat job.

Besides SP isn’t infinite so its better to focus on the production skills.”

Hannah allowed me to allot her points for her status, it was helpful that she also hadn’t used any of her SUP OR SP so I was able to teach her how best to build the [Alchemist] job.

But I didn’t force her or anything.

After all these choices will affect her life, I can’t ask her to live her life for my convenience after all.

However she did decide to go down the path I laid out.

“You’re sure it’s ok”

“Yeah, I want to be useful to you.”

Saying things like that… I almost fell for her but it fell short at her Loli like appearance.

“Thats not all though right”

Hannah didn’t originally want to dive into the dungeon.

Based off of this build it would be smooth sailing for her to make a living with just production.

I wonder what changed her mind about the dungeon

“Why don’t you figure that out on your own.

I decided to stay silent.

The finished status.


Name: Hannah

category: “Villager”

Job: [Alchemist] LV6

SUP: 14P


[HP 30/30]

[MP 20/20 → 80/80]

[STR 10]

[VIT 10]

[INT 10]

[RES 10 → 19]

[AGI 10]

[DEX 10 → 65]

[SUP 54P → 0P]

[SP 11P → 0P]


“Alchemy LV10” “compounding LV1”



Unique skill:



[Alchemist]’s SUP is 14p, while 5p is automatically assigned to DEX, you can assign 9 points freely.

54 points were accumulated by LV6.

These were applied to Dex, MP, and Res.

The first skill was [alchemy] which was maxed out with 10 SP.

At low levels you’re make more mistakes and the amount of items you can make is limited so it’s best to max it out early on.

Other materials can also be made through compounding so the next order of business is to max it out.

But for now it’s good.

And like Hannah said there was combat skills available as well.

[Kettle smash]: hit target with an alchemy pot.

But, as you might expect, I don’t need this.


[Alchemist] is a production job after all, it should stay that way.

By the way you can show another person your status by touching a crystal dragon statue.

They’re expensive but one was placed in every room of the Aristocratic dorms.

In the case of one’s own status, it can be seen just by thinking about it.

No special items are needed.

Now that Hannah finished it’s my turn.

There are a total of 25 that can be learned by the [Hero].

And two unique skills.

Early in, 10 and 1 unique skill can be learned.

The list.


“Body Strengthening”

“Crisis detection”


“Life magic”







“Hero’s sword” (unique)


As you can see the [Hero]’s skills are almighty.


Name: Zephyrus

category: “Main character”

Job: [Hero] LV6

SUP: 22p

No limit

[HP 30/30 → 63/63]

[MP 20/20 → 140/140]


[STR 10 → 50]

[VIT 10 → 25]

[INT 10]

[RES 10 → 20]

[AGI 10 → 25]

[DEX 10 → 12]

[SUP 132P → 0P]

[SP 11P → 0P]


“Body strengthening LV5” “Intuition LV4” “Appeal LV1”



《Unique skill》

“Hero’s Sword LV1”


The passive skill “body strengthening”.

This is an exceptional skill that increases stats other than HP and MP by 1.6 times when raised to LV10.

Even at level 5 the effect is 1.3 making STR effectively 65.

This will help you raise everything evenly, although sometimes it’s nice having high attack power so for now I focused on STR.

However it’s a little overkill for the tutorial dungeon so I stopped at 50.

Next, “intuition” is an excellent skill that can be used for surprise attack countermeasures, trap discovery, hidden door discovery, etc.

“Appeal” is a provocative skill.

Since Hannah will be accompanying me I’ll be playing the role of tank.

[Hero]’s unique skill “Heros sword”.

[The hero’s sword must cut through all the demons.

Non-attribute, physical slash, debuff, single shot: deals damage of 300% of attack power.

Defense down]

It is a simple but very powerful attack skill.

If you raise it to LV10, it would be 600% attack, but since it drinks MP, I kept it at LVL 1 for now.

Although it still consumes 15mp per use.

For this reason even though I don’t have any magic I raised my MP to 140.

After that the preparations are complete and it’s almost time.

“Hannah, lets go.”


Thanks Zephyrus.

I’ll do my best in the dungeon.”

She seems enthusiastic even though I’ll be doing most of the work.

But that’s fine, it is our first dungeon after all its ok to be excited.

I was equipped with my sword and shield, finally the long awaited dungeon capture.


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