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Chapter 179 : Ghost Cave Dungeon Exploration Together With Rika and Karua

"Celia looks amazing in her equipment."

"Thank you very much.

This is one of the finest works of my elf village."

I know.

As members arrived one after another, Celia also prepared her equipment.

In the game , an  officially joins the player party from the intermediate mid-grade dungeon.

It's possible for the players to scout them right in the mid-grade dungeon if their luck is good.

Else they are usually available for scouting in the intermediate high-grade or beyond dungeon possessed by .

They are the strong characters bestowed only to those who can decisively reject the Youkai of worldly desires.

With such a background setting, an 's beginner equipment is quite strong.

In fact, they are on par with princesses' jobs.

Celia's equipment looks like a traditional costume dyed in base green color, the same colour as the nature impression Elf gives.

The kimono-like thin design doesn't offer much against physical attacks but the magic resistance it provides is quite high.

Furthermore, the dress perfectly accents the beauty of Celia's slender body.

As a Spiritualist, her weapon is a two handed staff which, although not as exaggerated as Hannah's , seems to be around 1.5m in height and the light blue shine it emits gives it a more mysterious vibe.

 are also good at archery but not many actually use bows, given their overwhelming superiority in magic.

You can bring a human 


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