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"Ugh, I'm feeling dizzy~"

The condition for the  which holds multiple  related skills is to [Spin in a place for 300 times].

The condition is simple but without a hint, it's something that’s hard to fulfill.

No wait, the fact that Lulu knows about this job means there's someone who has fulfilled this requirement among the .

I wonder if they also look like a child.

"Okay, all the preparations are done.

You should be able to get the job when you go to the dragon statue."

"Fumyu~ let's gooo~"

"Calm down, Lulu.

Next is Cecilia's turn.

Hannah, take care of Lulu."

"Um, leave it to me!"

I left Lulu, who still seems to be fired up despite being dizzy, to Hannah and turned towards Cecilia who was chatting with Sierra.

She arrived when I was helping Lulu about her job.

"Sorry to make you wait, Cecilia."

"Please no.

My conversation with Sierra-sama was really inspiring.

Also, please call me Celia, if you don't mind"

"I see.

Then Celia, welcome to , once again.

Let's do our best together."

"It's my pleasure.

Thank you very much for allowing me to join  too.

I have yet to acquire a job, so if you don't mind, please guide me."

"You can be rest assured about your job.

Just wait, I will quickly make you a .

Also Sierra, what about other members"

"They are unable to come today, so they will be arriving tomorrow.

It seems Her Highness Lana has something to do."

"I see, understood."

Among the four new members that are going to join us, two of them are Lana's followers.

The three of them which includes Ester have tagged along with Lana who has returned to her home for some urgent business and hence none of them are coming today.

Well, today's Saturday.

A perfect time to visit their home.

It's just, I couldn't help but feel lonely without hearing Lana's cheerful voice.

As soon as I became conscious of it, the guild room looked more deserted and lonely than ever...

I have to endure this till she returns back tomorrow.

I gotta change my pace.

For the time being, I am going to help Lulu and Cecilia raise their job level to meet the requirement of a beginner dungeon in today's time.

Except for Lulu and Cecilia who are getting a late start, the escorts of Lana already have their jobs.

"Celestine, go ahead and apply for the usage of a beginner dungeon in the afternoon.

I hope to make you, Cecilia and Lulu pass the beginner’s dungeon test before the day is over."

"I understand.

However, it seems there are crowds of students applying for it.

So I don't know if I will be able to book the slot you are hoping for."

The usage of beginner dungeons has explosively increased after the research institute has announced the method to acquire high rank jobs.

The current situation really makes it hard to even make an appointment for normal usage.

It was just like the time during the entrance ceremony where the hall for job appraisals was jam packed...

Or rather, I'm sure it's even more crammed now.

Thankfully though, we don't need to worry about this.

"Visit Phillis-sensei.

I have talked with her yesterday, so most likely it should be all right "

I have heard about the situation of beginner dungeons from Philis-sensei after yesterday's guild battle was over.

According to her, the beginner dungeon was packed from 6:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m.

However, just the other day, the fact that monsters in the arena can also work as substitutes to fulfill the prerequisites of the job also came to light.

Because of this new discovery, the arena is now being adjusted to fulfill the prerequisites and so, the crowd movement to beginner dungeons finally thinned out a bit.

This wasn't something possible in the game.

As the arena was off limits outside of the guild battle and only instructors had the control to make monsters pop out.

But now, students who haven't yet acquired a job can use it.

Reality is indeed full of wonders.

But I understood why at that time.

As the arena is certainly a part of the dungeon and the monsters that pop out are the real thing, not an imitation.

Though there are not any XP or drops because of energy problems, it's not a problem for students as long as they can clear the requirements of subjugating a monster.

In addition, it's more safe than a normal dungeon.

This is the biggest factor.

Not to say you can even set the monsters appearing to be slime, so students can safely run through the Slipo marathon.

I'm a bit curious what will be Hannah's reaction when she comes to know about this but it seems a bit scary so I'm keeping it a secret from her.

"As expected of Zephyr-sama, always one step ahead.

Then, I will be going."

"Sure and good luck."

Celestine left the guild with light steps after giving a beautiful bow while smiling like usual.

Sierra's bitter face enters my vision as I see Celestine.

"Is something wrong"


Just, it feels praiseworthy to proceed with everything as if it's set in stone that Cecilia will be able to get the job.

It's like the Elder elf who has withstood the passage of time."

She's complimenting me, right Should be.

Translating her words literally, she probably means "I'm amazing".

It's so amazing that I still didn't understand it myself, or whatever she’s probably trying to say.

Though such a metaphor is quite over the head for the human.

By the way, an Elder elf is an elf who has accumulated a remarkable amount of knowledge.

They are usually over 1000 years old.

Now let's return to the main topic.

"I guess we should begin with the Slipo marathon for Cecilia.

For the job , we will have to use 6 attributes of magic from the bracelet series, from  to .

Also, use these for the magic stone."

Saying so, I handed Celia six types of 


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