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Arena No.7 is one of the seven guild battle exclusive dungeons, which the academy takes pride in.

Incidentally, the guild battle we watched last time was in arena No.1, Arena No.1 is the largest and arena No.7 is the smallest.

The size should be understandable from the fact that no more than 10 people can take part in it.

Normally, it's used in production guild's guild battles.

In that arena were three instructors.

One of them is Philis-sensei, while the other two are a pair of male and female instructors near their 40's.

Both of them were standing a few steps behind, so I guess Philis-sensei is the one in the lead today.

I had planned to come a bit earlier than the appointed time but it seems we still left them to wait for a while.

We quickly walked up to her and greeted her.

"Good morning Philis-sensei.

As the representative of , we will be in your care for today"

"Good morning everyone.

You're welcome, and do your best today."

Philis-sensei returns the greeting with a refreshing smile.

And then, her eyes stopped on one of the members.

"Oh my, Rika-chan is also here."

"Ane-sama, can you please spare me with ‘-chan’ in the academy.

Also, we’re in the middle of exams.

So please refrain from whispering."

"It's so disheartening to see my little sister so strict with her onee-chan."

Should I say I hit the mark, as it appears Rika and Philis-sensei are sisters.

Their looks and the vibe they give is just so similar, I had considered this possibility.

I heard their jobs are also  of the  category.

As for the deposition, I feel like Philis-sensei has a more lax character.

"Rika's onee-chan"


She's the one I was talking about who's working here as an instructor."

"What a surprise."

"Fufu, it seems there are new faces here, so let me introduce myself again.

I'm Philis.

Call me Philis-sensei, okay"



"Yes, what's your name"


Rika and I are a duo."

"Oh my!"

Only Karua was the one among us who wasn't acquainted with Philis-sensei, so the conversation seems to become livelier.

"Ahem, Ane-sama.."

As expected, when the conversation goes past the introduction and becomes your usual chit-chat, Rika quickly brings them to the track.


Let's have a private chat next time, Karua-san.

I will tell you more about Rika-chan at that time"


I understand."

"You don't have to, Karua."

I guess both of them have become good friends after being in a two person party for so long.

Gehh, I'm envious.

I should also deepen our friendship once the exam is over.

"Well then, let me introduce you to the instructors who will be in charge of the guild,  E-rank exam today, Ladvena-sensei and Mukai-sensei.

Both of them are full time instructors of the combat department major.

"Nice to meet you, boys and girls"

The instructors who were standing behind Philis-sensei greeted us after she introduced them.

The female instructor is Ladvena-sensei and male instructor is Makui-sensei.

I think they are quite the veterans, judging from how Philis-sensei introduced them.

"By Ladvena-sensei......

You mean that "

"You know Sierra"

My interest was immediately piqued up at the chuni-like word.

"Know In fact, she's a well renowned person.

It is really surprising how you have so much extensive knowledge yet strangely have a gap where you don't know about commonplace details."


It seems she is quite a famous instructor in this world where only I don't know.  too, has not detailed down to the individual's valor.

So of course I would be clueless about the person who hasn't appeared.

Moreover, unlike the game , dungeon captures haven't progressed that much in this real life  and there's also a big discrepancy about the famous names who were quite active in them.

To this date, I still have yet to come across a name of a character from my game time.

If I really meet one, I will definitely want a signature.

By the way, it was something I heard later but it seems the chuni-like words are equivalent to a medal bestowed to someone when they accomplish a great achievement.

I wonder if I would also be called by those two names in the future

"I'm just an assistant this time.

Philis, you can proceed."

"Yes, understood!"

Ohh, the lax looking Philis-sensei immediately turned sharp just at the single remark of hers.

, a capable individual befitting of her chuni name.

Between, it seems that Sierra doesn't know about the other instructor, Makui-sensei.

I'm sorry, Makui-sensei.

You didn’t make the cut.

We then received the lesson from Philis-sensei.

As I mentioned before, we will learn the rules, system, and basic tactics of guild battles with practical experience.

And then,

"Let's practice then.

You wouldn't be able to move as you want if your body doesn't experience it."

The appearance of the venue changes at the same time as Philis-sensei finishes explaining.


should be the diamond field.

It has the fewest number of squares of all the fields, making it suitable for guild battles with a small number of students.

Even the number of giant castles are only 3.

It's really fresh and amusing to see fields changing shape at such visual speed.

It seems that Makui-sensei is manipulating fields.

After gazing at the amazing transformation for a while, monsters who are going to protect the castle are also arranged and preparation is complete.

"We will begin with  first so everyone can participate freely.

Though please remember that monsters around the forts are in the range of Lv5~10 while monsters around the giant castle has Lv30 monsters matching its difficulty"

After the explanation of Phillis-sensei was over, our training began.

"Everyone come here, it's time for a strategy meeting!"

All the members of , albeit looking perplexed, still gathered quickly at the sudden meeting.

The aim was simple, to assign groups.

"As I have said before, it's basically to move in a group of two or more in the guild battles.

Let's first split into groups quickly"

You need to charge the castle to secure it.

And the two man cell is to advance efficiently.

The pairs that were formed are Hannah & Sierra, Lana & Ester, Karua & Rika and Celestine with me.

Only my pair with Celestine has a considerably high level difference but she just has to follow the overpowered me.

Since I also want Celestine to learn more.

We quickly parted our ways and I aimed at one of the forts safeguarded by the monsters.



The snake-like monster that was about to sneak an attack at Celestine's waist was blown away and turned into an effect.

"What a packed punch.

It's amazing how far you have blown it to"

"I am very much gratified"

, a high ranking job belonging to the  category, can also use a 's skill.

So, Celestine is a combat butler.

Butler's bat is a battle bat.

Then what does it do......

I don't know.

But, I'm sure it must be a word referring to something about a butler.

(※All of the above assumptions are wrong)

The Lv of her job is low but the things she can do will increase once it is raised to 40.

I guess I may have to show her the ropes just like Ester.

I take a look at my other members.

Being the founding members of our guild, Lana and others have a high level so monsters defending the fort are just small fries to them.

For now they are practicing how to move from fort to fort efficiently in as much little time as possible.

It's like a marathon baton passing technique.

It will be fatal if they make a blunder here so the other four are also practicing enthusiastically.

Rika seems to be perplexed by Karua’s speed.

After all, Karua presently boasts the highest speed among all of .

Rika, however, on the other hand seems to be at her wits end from being unable to catch up with her at all.

We continued our training with such feeling and it finally ended when the giant castle and the two forts were taken down.

Everyone returned back to their position in front of Philis-sensei.

"Let's begin the actual exam.

Members are upto 5 students and 3 instructors, and I’ve already explained the rules earlier.

In addition to that, an item that bans instructors from attacking the base will be added.

Time limit is 30 minutes."

"Yes, thank you"

Finally, time for the actual , but before that, it's strategy meeting again.



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