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A compulsory test for guilds to raise their rank for the first time.


Complete clearance of guild master's beginner dungeonF-rank guild5 or more guild members3 or more members registered should have combat and production jobsMultiple registered members' job levels are at Lv 40 or higher.

To summarise the prerequisite; the F-rank guild we have formed until now was just a novice play, and the real thing begins at E-rank.

One can take it as unlocking the 3rd order tree, as it is the watershed moment for jobs where they truly begin to shine.

Intermediate dungeons can only be cleared after you have mastered your job.

And the test's contents are the  in the arena.

If you want to raise your guild rank, guild battles are inevitable, and only after winning can you rank up your guild.

In another sense, you wouldn't be able to go for job hunts if you don't perform satisfactorily in the guild battles.

How strict.

The guild battle of the Ranking Competition features starts to appear at D-rank, but in fact, there is an opportunity to experience guild battles outside of the Ranking Competition.

The information about them is available after the guild becomes an E-rank and that's why the guild battle format is used in the E-rank exam.

"I'm so excited about the guild battle."

Hannah said in exuberance, recalling the scene of the guild battle Hannah had gone to watch before.

"I know.

It's also my first guild battle, so I'm looking forward to it"


A battle royal type format where multiple groups fight each other.

Being one of the main contents of , the number of people that have fallen to its charm isn't something to scoff at.

I was also one of them.

Dungeons alone are interesting but guild battles are twice as fun! It's one of the reasons behind 's mega popularity.

I arrived at the guild with Hannah.

Everyone was already present by the time I entered as I had notified them before in the guild chat.

I wouldn't have known what to do if others had also forgotten.

"You're finally here, Zephyr!"

Sitting in front of the , Lana turned around with her face brimming with joy.

"Good morning, Zephyr-dono."

Although Ester's words were the same as before, I could feel her tone was a bit brighter than usual.

"Good morning.

It appears that everyone is here."

"Good morning, everyone."

Currently, the guild has eight members.

I raised my hand in greeting to the other 6 members.

Hannah also bowed politely.

It's strange that when a loli like her makes such a gesture, it really looks moe.

After exchanging greetings with Sierra, Celeste, Karua and Rika, I gave the signal to start the meeting Immediately.

"As I have informed in the guild chat, our guild,  will be taking the exam to raise ranks into E’s today."

"Hurray! Our guild is going to be a rank E one! What do you think we should prepare for the celebrations, Sierra"

"Hmm, let's get Lana-sama's favorite 100% apple juice."


"Great is not! Don't be so quick to rejoice.

We haven't even participated in the test yet.

Or rather, I was in the middle of explaining."

"Geez, you're such a bummer, Zephyr.

It would be too late to prepare after passing it.

Do you know how tiring it would be to arrange everything at the last moment"

It should be the custom of her home, the royal palace, right However, the only ones who are having doubts at Lana's word are me, Hannah and Karua.

Apparently, it's a normal custom for aristocrats, including Celestine.

Karua tilts her neck slightly looking clueless and question marks written on her face.

Quite a contrastive difference of feeling.

Well whatever, let's continue.

"Guild battles will not be exactly as high profile as the one we have seen before.

It's only a test that caters to beginners.

You will be given proper details by the instructor there."

Actually, it's a bit tutorial-ish.

The deal is sealed as long as you have sufficient ability.

Because if you fail in the game, the instructor will correct your mistakes.

Though, it's a bit different in reality.

"The number of participants is 5 people.

First, you will be given instructions by the instructor about the guild battles rule, system and basic tactics.

To make sure you have properly understood everything, we will be given the task to  in an opponent-less match.

In the end, we will play a mock battle of  with the instructor."

Opponent-less , also known as , is a system where anyone can practice matches like protect the castle, to quickly eliminate the monsters or capture the giant castle efficiently and so on as long as you pay the Mir.

"I-it's quite tough, isn't it Aren't we just going to lose when we go up against an instructor......


"It's not what you think it is."

Hearing about the details of the exam, which was more than what she had anticipated, Lana was feeling a little uneasy.

The reason why the exams have so many variations is because the ranking competition that will begin at D-rank will be commenced in an arena, where various companies and businessmen are invited from all over.

In other words, they charge a spectator fee.

That's why there is so much variable content.

If the content is boring, the academy will become no more than an ordinary school in others' mouths.

There are also many factors from the academy’s side.

Though saying that, it's the same for the students.

No one will come to scout them if they give a bad result.

In other words, both the academy and the students take the  seriously, each for their own interests.

I explained, summarizing all the above details.

"For these reasons, the academy will go easy on starting to bring up the student's motivation and fighting spirit.

It would benefit no one if instructors really goes all out against the students."

"W-what a vivid reason.

But I understand"

Although she still wore a bit of a strained expression, Lana nodded to my explanation.

"So Zephyr-kun, have you already decided on the members"


We have also reached Lv20 and unlocked our 2nd order tree.

I'm sure we’ll be helpful."

Rika with a serious look asked and Karua with drowsy eyes added,

"Unfortunately, it's still not enough.

As mentioned, the minimum prerequisite for the E-rank exam is Lv40.

Even the intermediate lower level dungeons need you to be a bare minimum of Lv40 at your job, so you’ll be a spectator for this exam."

"I see.

I mean, roger."

“Ah…, a let down", said Karua after yawning.

"Celestial too, I'm sorry."

"Please, it’s fine.

I’m still stuck at Lv6.

Either way, I would just be a hindrance to everyone."

"Well, if we become an E-ranked, I'm planning to train everyone until you guys reach Lv40.

But until then, please bear with me.

Now, the five members who will be taking place in this test are me, Hannah, Lana, Ester and Sierra."


"So it's our usual team, understood."

"I will do my very best to prevent slowing the others down."

"Me too.

But it's my first time taking part in it, so can you properly explain to us about the guild battles"

"Of course, leave it to me."

After a brief session, everyone headed to arena No.7.

That's where we promised to meet Philis-sensei today.

The procedure for the E-rank exam of  was completed yesterday.

Now, let's demonstrate our efforts.



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