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There's something I want to talk about, do you have time"


What's the matter"

On Friday, the day after our battle with the  was over and all the materials were delivered to Gantt-senpai.

Hannah came to visit me today.

It's rare for Hannah to visit and consult, thoughI have an inkling why.

Most likely, it's about the .

I'm sure she must have come to talk about that pool or mountain or whatever you call it of magic stones she has produced but had trouble finding a place to store them afterwards.

"It's about the mid-grade dungeon we’ll be diving in."

And, I was wrong.


It ranks quite high up in the list of important matters......

But it seems she didn't visit to talk about this.

Well, let's hear her out till the end first.

"I only know mid-rank and low-rank , I can’t match with Lana-sama at all, even in the boss battle yesterday, I couldn't do more than scratch the boss.

The boss was a mid grade low level dungeon boss right Not to say, Sierra-san has to protect me all the time一一"


It seems so."

I made an adequate quip to Hannah's talk which was surging like turbulent waves.

It’s rare for her to do this.

Her venting seems to have been bottled up for quite some time.

In summary,

"So you want to say that with your current strength, it would be difficult traversing the mid-grade dungeon with us"

"That's right, I wonder if you have any solution, Zephyr-kun"

I guess she has taken quite a toll from yesterday's battle, being unable to do anything.

It's true she could only do so much as keeping herself safe in that battle and be protected.

The cause is apparent as well.

The frontline members with me in it has become quite strong, which in reverse inevitably makes Hannah a weak link.

In short, she is no longer able to keep her pace in battle.

To begin with, it's impossible for an alchemist to keep pace with combat job holders.

Nevertheless, she was somehow able to keep up till  thanks to  and but the unnoticeable gap before was now suddenly turned into a chasm with the unlocking of the 3rd order tree of our group.

The difference between the battle front and production department has become much more apparent since the tree was unlocked.

The difference didn't come out that much since there's a bit of  in status.

Until then, you can also freely assign your SUP to a certain point but with the release of the 2nd tree and then the 3rd tree, the jobs would clearly begin to show their expertise in their respective area.

Hannah has already finished her 3rd stage tree and her job as 


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