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"You guys did your best!"

"Thanks for all your hard work too! Hey hey, the fight was so thrilling, no"

"Oh, I understand that feeling.

Nothing can beat the feeling of getting stronger!"

Everyone gathered as the fight was over and with a rushed greeting, Lana and I exchanged our impressions from the battle.

We managed to defeat the .

To be honest, I didn't expect our strategy to go as planned without a hitch.

Even with it being the first battle, we were able to snatch a victory with a splendidly executed strategy.

I'm sure it's because of our current members that it went so well.

"Sierra's defense was also perfect.

I wouldn't have been able to corner the marionette down while constantly worrying about the rear guard without your defense.

It was a breeze with you surrounding and locking the boss down."

"The idea just suddenly came to me! I felt like It would go well if I did it!"

She was so strong that it didn't feel like enough, no matter how many countermeasures you come up with.

It was really exciting when we managed to do it right.

The boss was nothing like the beginner bosses we had dealt with, overwhelming power and a series of tension filled events really drops me in a euphoric feeling once we manage to defeat him.

That's why fighting with strong enemies is fun.

"The this time was a very troubled and formidable enemy that possessed various types of magic.

It was simply impossible to stop it's barrage of attacks but it was also thrilling to have such a tense fight when you're prepared to suffer a certain amount of damage.

That really riled me up."

I expected nothing less from a rare boss!

Basically, bosses in the  can be separated into two groups; 'serious bosses' and 'gag bosses'.

Gag types are understandably the ones like , , ,  and so on.

Not only their appearance but even their attacks are like they were created to troll others.

Although they aren't exactly weak, they're still troll monsters.

It's impossible for them to make your blood boil with excitement.

In contrast to them, 'serious bosses' are strong and thrilling.

And since most rare bosses are classified as 'serious bosses', it's easy for the situation to develop into a blood boiling one.

After all, they can even use .

Not to say rare bosses' status are usually one level higher compared to their counterpart bosses which makes me doubt myself sometimes, thinking I'm going to lose.

Which at the same time, fueled my desire for thrilling battles even more.

I really, really love rare bosses.

They are excellent in both the battle and drops.

"Oops, I almost forgot.

What about the drops"

I immediately turned my attention to my surroundings as soon as I recalled this, and my eyes found three people, including Hannah, standing before a treasure chest.

"Zephyr-kun, let's open it quickly!"

"They're so fast! Lana, hurry up or they might open it first!"

"What the! I'll never allow it!!"

"Hurry up and move if you don't want them to open it before you."


Both Lana and I, who were still in the hots after the soul stirring battle, immediately regained our calmness at Sierra's remark.

Nevertheless, isn't she in a good mood Maybe the battle this time also excited her.

For this reason, her voice seems more gentle than usual.

I inwardly made up my mind to ask her opinion on how today's battle went.

"Ohh, so it's a Silver chest this time.

It's regrettable we didn't get a blessing this time.

What a shame."

Rare bosses do not drop Wooden chests, two Silver chests are the minimum guaranteed drops.

Well, a Silver chest is rare enough, but it's still hard to not miss the charms of a Golden chest.

I want a Golden chest!!

However, if one recalls our luck this far, it seems inevitable.

We have fought three rare boss and our luck was as followed :

 ---- Two gold treasure chests.

 after the fight with  2nd battle form.

 ---- Two gold treasure chests.

I guess there's time we should let  rest.

I may actually doubt my luck if I had gotten another gold chest instead.

Let's try to save up on luck.

Who knows if there's something important waiting for me in the not so distant future where I urgently need to use it.

The treasure chests were opened as my heart was palpitating, and inside it was the and the .

Ohh, the is a jackpot! It's an accessory equipment with the effect of [Increase Light Attribute Strength 4] that belongs to the same group as Hannah's .

It will surely enhance Lana's strength! Let's give it to her.

As for the ......

It'll be dumped in the warehouse.


The new equipment is extremely good!"

I know right, this is a hit! When I was also equipping a new , it......

Wait! What about my ! I'm not equipping them! When I carefully recall, I remember I have requested Marie-senpai for .

I should have to take them later!

"That's all for now,  it's time for a rematch with a rare boss! Let's aim for the jackpot again!"

" "Let's aim for it!!" "

When I said that to them, Lana and Hannah raised their fist up in excitement.

Both of you, I'm so moved.

"But the whistle can be used only one more time right I hope it's a hit......

" Sierra said in a worried tone.

The probability of success is 70%, after all.

It's a probability that will naturally make you uneasy about the final use of it.

But, that's not a problem.

"Rest assured, I have one more"

"What did you say!"

I was satisfied when Sierra unusually stared at me like her eyes were daggers.

I consider it a success that the secret has been kept so far until now.


"We can repeat it as many times as I want.

By the way, it's also one of my personal belongings I acquired in my solo battles."

"Fine.Though, I'm surprised you can defeat a rare boss solo."

Said Sierra as she looked towards the wall where the  was.

There are many super strong monsters among rare bosses.

You only have destruction awaiting you if you've formed a party with superficial strength.

And to solos such monsters is unthinkable.

That's another matter if I have a terrifically high level, but my level is still low.

"Well, that's because I'm a hero."

"Your reply kind of gave out nostalgic vibes."

Sierra chuckled as she whispered slightly in response to my reply.

I couldn't help but be attracted when the usually cool Sierra laughs like this.

The so-called gap moe.

Afterwards, we once again charged into the boss room after using the flute.

And what awaits there was......

the .

Damn, it's a miss! Ester-sensei, we will be relying on you!



TL Notes:

T/N : ¹Cat of fortune in previous translation.

In literal terms, it means the same, fortune cat.

However, Mc usually calls it as if referring to a person and not object and together with the honorifics term, I decide to go with Sachineko-sama.


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