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"Jigagagaga!!" (Monster voice)

"Hurray! We have a rare boss to grab!"

It's boss round 2!!

The effect splendidly piled up this time when I used [Rare Monster Summoning Flute (Boss only)].

The monster this time was a doll wearing an exorcist costume, with long white hair extending till it's waist, a kabuki face¹, riding a segway with a fan on it's each hand.

The rare boss of , the .

Well, the probability of summoning it is 70%, after all.

I swear for a moment I felt as if  had turned into a rare boss and beckoned me, saying "Let's have a rematch", but it must've been my imagination.

Yeah, it should be so.

"Move as we have discussed earlier! And pay attention to the stray bullets lest you get hit by them, their magic power is extremely high! Especially you, Hannah, evade even if you have to roll down!"

"I know!"

Due to the effect of , Hannah's RES status has changed back to its default value.

I fear even a light strike would be enough to shave off her HP to a dangerous level.

I have reinforced her defense as much as I can, but if I'm being honest, it's barely enough to prevent the worst case scenario.




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