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“Oh Zephyrus, welcome.

I mean, How did you get to my room.”

I had come to pick up Hannah meaning that I was currently at the girl’s dormitory.

Normally the girl’s dorm is off limits to the boys so I thought I’d wait in font for her, but..

“Oh some nice people let me inside.”

When I looked back there was a large crowd of people behind me.

It was kind of interesting to see how diverse the different kinds of equipment were.

“Haaa, Zephyrus.

Did you forget that you’re a [Hero]”


I have the strongest job right now.

I got it when I first entered the school and caused an uproar.

When I arrived there were a lot of people who called out to me and when I said that I was here to pick up a party member they offered to guide me.

Of course this place is forbidden to men and was in the game as well so, how could I pass up infiltrating some place that even the game wouldn’t allow

“Hhhh, Can you wait a little longer Zephyrus I’ll be done after a moment.”

“Oh are you having difficulty with something I can help you”

When I said that there was a rattling sound from the back and then something that sounded suspiciously like an avalanche.

“Uhm, Hannah”

“Hmm What”

Hannah smiled brightly.

“I’m coming in.”

“Ah! Wait, Zephyrus it’s a little messy right now.”

I pushed Hannah out of the way, she resisted but my STR and several other values were higher than her’s.

When I entered I saw that her room was full of red magic stones piled up into large piles.

Of course I knew what it was going to look like before I walked in as the avalanche had send magic stones rolling towards the door.

What I didn’t expect was her room to be nearly filled to the brim with them.

“Hannah, what is all this”


That’s cute but being cute is not an answer here Hannah.

“Not Ehehe, it’s been less than a month since you’ve moved in.

Why is the room filled with magic stones!”

“There’s a reason for it!”

“Oh I’m sure this will be good.”

“Uhm, uhh, ehehe”

In other words she’s addicted to slimepop.

I knew I would have to talk to her about this addiction at some point but it seems like I waited to long.

“Get rid of them.”


“Get rid of all of it right now.

Put everything into the item bag.”


It’s a good thing I hadn’t given the other item bag to Kahlua and Rika yet because it’s times like these where it’s good to have two of them.

After that I went on a cleaning rampage and managed to fit all the stones into the two item bags.

I’m glad I decided to come in.

“This is amazing Zephyrus! I can see the floor again!”

“What kind of life have you been living up to this point Hannah”

“Hey, what are you going to do with all of those stones”

Hannah was looking around the room as if it had suddenly gotten bigger but she came over to me and asked me as if wanting to hear some kind of secret.

“I’m keeping them.”

“You’re joking!”

“Of course I am.”

“You’re terrible.”

“You’re the terrible one! Reflect upon your actions!”


Well, I guess for the time being the mission to pick up Hannah has been completed.

Afterwards though a rumor spread that I forced my way into a girls room and took all of her belongings.

However Mrs.

Phillis was able to control the rumors and correct it as a misunderstanding.

However the more troubling aspect of this was that the amount of fans I have seemed to have increased because of this incident.


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