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“So, who gets to open it”


Rana and Hannah had raised their hands immediately, it seems like we have another loot goblin in the party… Wait, wasn’t there didn’t I hear three shouts just now Who else had raised their hand I looked around at everyone until I realized that my own hand was up in the air.

Oh, I did.

“I meant in the rotation.”

Ciara calmly ignored all three of our hands that were in the air.

“I think I opened on last time in the ghost dungeon.”

When Ester spoke everyone looked over at Hannah’s staff.

“That’s not right Ester since you didn’t open one when we had that large drop with the battle wolf.”

“Oh right I had forgotten about that one.”


In other words no one can remember who’s turn it is.



“We opened one with the emperor goblin so we shouldn’t open one this time.”


Hannah and I both opened one when I had my rematch with the Emperor goblin.

When I mention this Hannahs shoulders dropped, don’t worry Hannah you can open the next one.

In the end it was decided that Rana and Ciara would open the chests.

“I really like the feeling I get when opening the golden chests, it really makes me want to open them more and more.”

Most people would call that an addiction but I understand exactly what you mean.

I too which I could open gold chests all the time.

“Can we open it”

“Wait, to you pray to his kittyness If you didn’t you won’t get anything good.”


Ciara didn’t seem to believe it but she obediently prayed just like everyone else, Ester Hannah and I were included in the praying.

After that Rana was the first to open her chest.

“An Axe! I can’t lift it it’s too heavy.”

“An Axe!”

After calling out that she had gotten and axe Rana’s face turned red as she struggled to lift it out of the chest.

“It’s Bamboo man’s fury! It’s super rare!!!!”

“Is it a good drop Zephyrus”

“It’s a really good drop!”

There are various types of equipment that you can get from a boss drop but getting the actual boss equipment is probably the best possible outcome.

The boss equipment is often stronger than the normal equipment that you could have gotten.

From this boss there were 3 different kinds of axes that we could have gotten, fire, ice and lightning.

Because of this I immediately asked everyone to take the magnifying glass that we had gotten and appraise it quickly.


Bamboo mans fury: Attack 56, lightning attribute, bamboo splitter LVL 5, anger axe LVL 7, fury LVL 1.


As you can see this axe is very good.

Its attack power is level 56 which is stronger than any of the other equipment we could get in a drop even from a rare boss.

Not to mention that it has the lightning attribute along with three skills.

The bamboo split is an attack skill that doesn’t have an attribute, however the lightning attribute attack, anger axe is level 7 so its very strong.

The level one skill fury is just a self buff that increases your attack power by 1.8.

Now the real question is, whether to put this up for sale at the auction or to donate it to the guild so that someone can use it.

Now if we put if up for auction we would probably end up getting somewhere around 8 million mir for it but I might actually want to use it myself.

I guess I should consult the other members about what we should do with it late.

“I’m next.”

Ciara was the next to open her chest.

“A recipe”

“A gold chest production recipe!”

“Don’t shout suddenly, you scared me!”

“Sorry, let me see that recipe for a second.”


I took the recipe from Ciara, even though I couldn’t read it I at least wanted to know what type of recipe it was.

“What do you think Zephyrus Is this a good drop”

“Well, I can’t read it if we don’t decrypt it but there is no doubt that it’s a good drop.”

If it was a wooden chest drop it wouldn’t really be something to be excited about and if it was silver chest drop it is pretty good since it can show you how to make certain dropped items so that you can mass produce them.

When it comes to this gold chest drop there was a great possibility.

The reason that we were here collecting the inorganic materials was because once Ester opens up the third stage of her job it’s needed for a skill.

If this recipe is something that uses inorganic material to created then there is the chance that once Ester gets to the third stage of her job she will be even more powerful with this item.

“I want to take this recipe to Maria as soon as possible so this is the end of bosspop for today.

Those who disagree raise your hands.”

“That’s fine.

I think it’s about time for the sun to set anyway.”

“In that case I’ll clean up the safety area so we can go.”

“I’ll help you Ester.”

There was no objection so we all helped Ester clean up and then stepped on the magic circle to return to the surface.

From there we all split up and I immediately headed off to go see Maria.


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