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The night of the entrance ceremony

Inside of academy director, duke Van Dam Fagner’s office, Philis the female instructor in charge of the student that awakened to the job of [hero] sat across from him.

“Good work Philis.”

“It was a valuable experience.”

The two of them had a grandfather/granddaughter relationship, so when they were alone Van dam called her Philis, forgoing any formalities.

Van Dam was a Duke in the Kingdom of Shiyatna and was put in charge of the Labyrinth Academy.

While Philis herself was the eldest daughter of Marquis Reactney, and her mother was the daughter of Van Dam.

She was loved by her grandfather and as a student she had a good relationship with the school.

After graduating Philis was invited to teach at the school by Van Dam.

From the point of view of the family she should have been put in charge of the aristocratic tower and their schooling but the division she chose was the combat division.

“But I’m surprised, to think that someone who could aquire the hero job would appear.”

Although it is not known to the public the [Hero] job did appear before in the past.

The last record of this legendary job appearing was 500 years ago, there were even records suggesting that his party captured an advanced tier dungeon.

This information comes from the royal family, meaning that they have recognized the power that comes with this job.

Van Dam had been doing this for 60 years but it was the first time that he’d seen someone with that many available jobs.

Someone who did not hesitate to choose, even if it was [Hero].

“For this to happen during my first entrance ceremony, I wasn’t even able to say anything.

Thank you for helping me grandpa.”

“Haha, should I say you have good luck or bad From time to time unexpected things like this will happen in the division you chose, you must be diligent.”

“I understand, this was a good experience.”

“By the way Philis, it appears the Zephyrus will belong to the combat division.

I think the class teacher very much wants to have him as a subordinate but would you like to give it a go”

Philis’ eyes grew wide.

The woman had been in the combat division since Philis was a student.

“Is that ok Wouldn’t it be better to have someone more experienced”

“It won’t just be you of course, you’ll have two assistant teachers.

We’re hoping that you being closer to his age you might be able to understand his point of view as a student and guide him more effectively.”

“I see, understood.”

“Well then, I’ll be counting on you Philis.”

And just like that the person in charge of Zephyrus became a 19 year old beauty.


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