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“Alright! Let’s head to the dungeon again today!”

“Yeah, Let’s do this!”

“O, O-, O-!”

As we left Maria’s guild Rana and I were in high spirits while Hannah tried to keep up with us as well.

“Hannah you don’t have to try and go along with them you know”

“N, no, I want too.

I’m still a little unfamiliar with it but I’ll get used to it!”

“I’m worried that they are rubbing off on you.”

Ciara put her hand on Hannah’s cheek as if she was worried.

“Are we all going to end up like this”


“It is troublesome.

Her highness seems to be right in the middle of it as well.

Do you not need to be conscious of that Ester”

“Since Lady Rana has entered Eden she had been able to smile everyday.

I think I would like for her to be able to continue smiling.

Besides if something happens I’m sure that Zephyrus will be able to stop it.”

“Yeah, Zephyrus is really good at caring for others and seems to be just going around doing what he enjoys and bringing others with him.

Her highness is now as happy and bright as she was when her royal brother was still at the palace.

…..But is it really alright for Zephyrus to be influencing her this much”

“Isn’t it fine Besides the Lady Rana of right now is wonderful.”

“You also like her highness huh.”

Ciara and Ester are talking behind us but I couldn’t really hear them.

“What’s up you two”


I feel like I just intruded on something.

“We have arrived.

I am going to infiltrate now.

Everyone stay back and wait for my signal.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about but okay.

Good luck.”

“Huh, what Zephyrus”

I ordered everyone to stay back while I moved forward to the gate quickly.

I feel like some kind of forward scout.

I don’t know what has been going on around here lately but it’s entirely possible that the researchers stayed up all night with that giant crowd of people.

I was nervous and sweating.

It’s the first time I’ve been this nervous since coming the real life Dun-life.

I took a deep breath to calm myself and then rushed in.

“Unique skill! 《Muscles are the strongest! I don’t need anything else》!”

“””””《Muscles are the strongest! I don’t need anything else》!”””””

The strangeness of what I was seeing was entirely different from what I was expecting.

Don’t get me wrong though, it was totally strange.

“Alright! All of you have been training very hard.

Up until today people have been calling the ghosts berserker killers! But you must believe in your wonderfully trained muscles and show them that they are wrong! Show them that our muscles will rise from the ashes like a phoenix if we are killed!”

“””””Yes Commander!”””””

What kind of muscle revives someone I stared at the 5 first years that were standing there in front of the teacher David.

This is a party that consists of only berserkers and it seems that they had been wiped out in this dungeon a few days ago but were now back for a rematch.

Could this really be considered sane Maybe they really do have muscles for brains.

For now I decided to return to where I had left everyone standing.

“Ah, he’s back! How was it Zephyrus Is that festival still going on”

“Oh, It’s probably over now.”

“What do you mean probably”

I was so distracted by the muscle brained idiots that I forgot to actually look around but since I didn’t hear the crazy shouting I assumed it was probably over.

“It can’t be helped, I’ll go take a look this time!”


Oh no! If she walked over there she would be slapped by the side of those idiots.

She might even be contaminated and want muscles of her own! I have to save her!

“What, nothings going on here!”

When I followed after her I was greeted by and angry looking Rana.

The idiots were nowhere in sight, the only one there was the teacher David.

Which means that they probably already headed into the dungeon.

I sighed in relief as we all headed over to the upper tier dungeon that we were going to be challenging today.

It was later that I learned the principle had come yesterday and calmed the researchers down and disbanded the crowd that had gathered.

Apparently it was bad for the school’s image, I’d have to say I agree though.


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