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“I’m sorry about that everyone, I know it must have been a little disappointing.

But worry not, what comes next will be much better!”

“R, Right.”

Well, now I’m interested.

“This is our guild’s best!”

With that Maria pulled out a small item that looked like a dragon.

I knew what it was the moment I saw it.

“Isn’t that the young dragon!”

“Hehe, as expected of you Zephyrus.

You know what this is.”

Recipe decoding is usually performed by a specialized appraisal tool.

But what Maria took out was an extremely rare gold chest drop that held four different appraisal abilities.

Analysis, detection, decoding, and art appraisal.

I want it! It’s a drop in an intermediate class dungeon.

“I never thought you would have such a rare item.”

“This is an important guild item that has been handed down through the generations.

Meaning that it is absolutely not for sale.”

I figured as much.

But to be honest even if it was for sale it would be better to try and get it as a drop otherwise I would end up going bankrupt.

“Hey don’t leave the rest of us out you two.”

“Oh, sorry.”

When I see a super rare item the gamer in me can’t help but get excited.

After I explained what the item was for to the others they all looked at it with interest.

“It has four different types of appraisal skills.

This item is super rare, You don’t want to know what the young dragon is worth.”

“Isn’t that pretty amazing!”

Yes, yes it is.

“Well, now that you’ve finished explaining, let me see that recipe.”


I handed her the recipe we got from the small wolf dungeon and she held it in front of the young dragon.

“Oh, the eyes shined!”

“You should be able to read the recipe.”

The recipe that had been written in weird wavy text was now written plainly.

It was pretty amazing to see the text change like that, it was almost like magic.

Unfortunately though no one here could share the same sentiment that I did since magic was a normal occurrence in this world.

“It says it shows how to make [Dash boots].”

“Oh, [Dash boots]!”

Dash boots had the [Speed Increase LVL 5] skill on them.

The equipment was normally a rare drop from a rare boss so this was a good find.

The advantage of finding the recipe is that the item can then be mass produced.

The recipe isn’t used as an ingredient so you can make as many as you want.

Although most people say that it’s better to just make equipment for you to wear since it takes materials to make the items.

“Maria, do you think you could make what’s on the recipe Oh, do you already have it”

“No, this is the first time I’ve seen it.

Of course I’ll do it.

What are you going to do with the recipe”

“Hmm, I could sell it to the school but, what about you”

“I would like to see the performance of the equipment first but if it’s good I’ll buy it!”

“Haha, I see.

Well since Maria is buying it I’ll leave it here for you to assess it.”

Dash boots are a very effective item during guild battles.

They’re very good items so lets make sure Maria buys the recipe at a high price.


“Got it, The materials it calls for are those from the battle wolf.

We had a lot left over that I was wondering what to do with so this is actually really helpful.”

And so we went ahead and ordered boots for all the guild members.

While we were here everyone’s shoe size was measured and since Kahlua’s size was already measured before I just have to tell Rika to come by later to have her’s measured.

“Don’t worry we save the measurements from everyone.”

I looked at Maria, I couldn’t help but be curious.

My expression was serious as I looked at her and she returned my look with a smile.

Good job Maria.


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