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I probably should have known what would have happened when the conditions for those jobs were figured out.

When I was playing the game the same thing happened with the chat rooms.

When the players were trying to figure out the conditions for a job, the moment someone posted how to make it appear the chatroom would explode.

It was so chaotic that you could hardly read what any one person was saying.

And now thinking back on the crowd there, in this world attacking a monster without a job was unheard of.

Which means that the jobs that required you to kill monsters would not appear for them no matter how much they begged the statue.

Then with the importance of having a good job in this world it makes sense that they would all go just a little crazy at first when the conditions for such jobs were discovered.

Although it seems like the reason it took so long for this to occur after I’d gone to the research tower was because the researchers had to debate on whether or not they could let a student fight against a monster without first getting a job.

It was important for them to weigh the danger against the possible benefits.

The institute was putting in a lot of effort now recording the jobs that appeared and how they were made to show up.

I wish them luck in discovering the other 1021 jobs but unfortunately [Hero] will not be possible for them to find.

While I was wishing the researchers luck Rana came out of nowhere.

“Hey! How long do you plan to carry me over your shoulder! It’s embarrassing!”

“I, I would like to stay like this a little longer….”

“Oh sorry”

I had eventually taken my hands off their mouths and slung them over my shoulders like a true harem king.

Ciara was staring at me the whole way but I can’t really go back to the dorm like this so I put them down and saw that Rana’s face was bright red.

“You suddenly covered my mouth and I though something was wrong! For that kind of thing I need to have my back up against a wall or something!”

“A, are you talking about Kabe-don”

[T/N: Ill just add a Kabedon pic to the bottom of the chapter.

Its easier.]

I guess I was told that Rana reads love stories a while ago, is this some books influence Is she asking me to do that I mean if she wants me Should I just do it”

“N, Not right now.

You have to do it on the way back form the dungeon!”

It doesn’t seem like she’s joking….

“Lady Rana, nothing is going to happen in the future either.

Sorry, why don’t we head back for today.”

Rana was chastised by Ester and then they and Ciara headed off towards the aristocratic dorms.

“S, See you tomorrow Zephyrus.”

“Yeah, See you tomorrow Hannah.”

Hannah headed off in a different direction towards the girls dorm while I went to see Maria on my own.

“Did you hear about the research institute finally finding out how to make the high tier jobs appear!”

“Yeah, I did.

That’s good.”

“Yeah, it is.”

“This will make it easier to get people with good jobs into the guild.”

“As expected of the guild master who is aiming for S rank! I kind of wish that my guildmaster would have that much ambition.”

It appears that after the news of the first years getting such good jobs the recruitment battles started up again.

But apparently when the upperclassmen came to try and recruit them the researchers were a force to be reckoned with.

It seems that the researchers protected them better than the royal guard could and not a single upperclassmen could get past them.

“Did you come to sell again today”

“Yeah, this time we went to the flower garden dungeon.

Do you mind if I use a room in the back I haven’t sorted everything out yet.”

“Did you bring a bunch of stuff again”

“Yep, I made great use of the scoop that I bought from you.”

“This happened because of me!!! You’re telling me I shot myself in the foot this time!”

Well we didn’t really fight the boss that much this time so the amount of materials I brought weren’t really as much as usual since more than half of the collected materials would be going to Hannah.

In fact with both Maria and I working together it only took about 30 minutes to sort it all.

“By the way I was hoping that tomorrow morning we could have you guys make another ability ball and analyze a recipe for us again.

“Leave it to me, she should be here tomorrow morning and can do the recipe for you as well.”

She’s probably talking about the sleepy girl that did it last time.

She has a proven track record in this kind of thing so I’m sure this will go over well.

I’ll bring Hannah and Rana with me tomorrow, I don’t know which one I am looking forward to more.

The ability ball of the recipe that Rana found.


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