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The fight with cactuar was starting.


I don’t know how it would be talking since it’s mouth is in a giant circle but that sounded like a threat to me.


“What’d you say! You bout to learn today! These hands rated E for everybody! 《Shine lightning》!”


I hit it but… Maybe when I’m inevitably asked about what I just did I should say that I saw it wasn’t moving to attack and I instinctively attacked first.

I don’t think telling them that I imagined it trash talking us would be a good idea.

I of course hadn’t done much damage to it as plant type monster are resistant to electricity.


I don’t know what it’s saying but I’m about to wipe the grin right of it’s smug face.

“Wait, Zephyrus! Stop moving ahead on your own, that or at least pull aggro properly!”


Did I just get told off by Rana! Maybe I really do need to rein myself in a bit.

“You’re getting a little hot headed right now Zephyrus.

You need to calm down.


“You’re the guild master so you need to get it together.

《Guardian’s blessing》《Lion’s blessing》!”

Wow, I just got reprimanded by two people.

I must be having a really bad day.

Although Rana does seem a little different right now because when it comes to boss battles she’s usually really focused and reliable.

“I’m not done yet! 《Protection of the holy devil》《Magic resistance》!”

[T/n: Im starting to think it might be holy magic protection but I like the way I have it better.

It’s basically the same.]

Rana applied buff after buff to our party, she also applied the magic resistance buff to the party.

This boss wouldn’t use magical attacks but that buff would still help with the abnormal state attacks and help us resist the poison.

However I refuse to think that Rana had actually but that much thought into what buffs she was applying.

“Oops, I accidentally used the magic resistance one.

Does this boss use magic”

I’m glad she proves my internal thoughts correct so quickly.




“It’s going to attack! Watch out everyone!”

Ciara readied herself since she had pulled aggro it would attack her first.

“Fuuuu! Fuuuuuu!”

For some reason, instead of shooting out the thorns on its body it shot them out from its mouth while Ciara covered herself with her shield.

The thorns bounced off her shield with a clacking sound, there wasn’t much power behind each one so there was nothing to worry about.

“Okay, it’s done, everyone attack now!”

It was lucky that the boss was only attacking one person this time, it means that we had a chance to attack it while it was doing so.

“《Fireball》《Firelance》《Ice lance》!”

“《Blade of light》《Pillar of light》!”

“《Sonic sword》《Hero’s sword》!”


After everyone’s attacks Cactuar’s HP should have been greatly reduced.


The look on its face seemed angry and it stopped its attack on Ciara while seeming to gather itself.

I’ve seen this before it was preparing a ranged attack.

“It’s going to use a ranged attack!”


Thorns shot out from it’s entire body this time.



“《Cover shield》!”


Ciara was able to dash over and cover both Rana and Hannah meaning that although there were several screams only one person was hit.

“I, I’ve been poisoned…”

Ester announced this in a pitiful voice.

The attack itself didn’t do much damage to her but since she’d been poisoned, the poison would continue to lower her HP eventually becoming a big problem so it was a good idea to cure it as soon as possible.

By the way we had decided beforehand that if someone got poison they should call it out the moment they realized it because there was no pain caused by the poison taking your health away.

This means that even if you know you are poisoned you won’t feel your HP going down so it could reach dangerous levels without you even noticing.

Although I never heard Ester say anything in this tone before.

“I’ll heal you right now Ester! 《Purification prayer》《Recovery prayer》!”

Immediately after Ester called out Rana cured the poison and cured her.

“Hannah are you okay”

“Yeah, I didn’t take any damage.”

“Alright, Counter attack.”

“Leave it to me! 《Fireball》《Fire lance》!”

“I’ll attack as well.

《Sonic sword》!”

“I’m going to pull aggro! 《Provocation》!”

“Thank you Lady Rana.

《Long thrust》!”


We were cooperating quite well as we grew accustomed to its attack patterns.

Even if we got hit the poison was cured and we were healed quickly so it was a pretty straight forward fight.

Although once its health dropped below 30% its behavior suddenly changed.

The flower on top of its head began to swell, it was going to summon its minions.

I wasn’t sure how to prevent this even in the game so all we could do is watch as it burst.



“This is its summoning technique, it summoned baby Cactuar!”

9 smaller versions of itself formed from the petals although each of the minions had two legs.

I could have sworn I saw something similar in another game but my memory is failing me right now.

Well, I guess I should kill these for now.




Unlike the larger one they can move around.

They are pretty troublesome because while they attack up close the the larger one will attack from a distance but it will also start to heal so the idea is to defeat it before it can do so.

“Everyone attack quickly! It’s a race against time! 《Shine lightning》!”

“I’ll pull aggro again.

《Guard stance》《Shield bash》!”

“Okay! 《Pillar of light》《Blade of light》《Recovery wish》!”

“《Fire lance》《Fireball》《Ice lance》!”

While the rest of use were dealing damage Ciara’s HP was dropping quickly.

She’s good but she’s not take on 9 enemies solo good so Rana quickly healed her as well.

“Ha! 《Legion thrust》《Lance assault》!”

Then Ester activated her continuous thrust skill as well as her charge taking out 5 of them at once.

“《Fire lance》! The last one is down!”

“Okay, Let’s take out the big one next!”



We defeated the minions quickly enough that the boss still seemed to be deflated as if it’s energy was gone from the summoning.

“Go! 《Hero’s sword》!”


With everyone attacking it together the boss’s HP reached 0 quickly and disappeared.

The fight was a little disappointing but our first boss fight in the upper tier dungeons ended in a victory.


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